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Off With the Old, & On With the New!

Jan 7, 2011

I could kick myself for not writing a blog to wrap up 2010, but unfortunately the office staff was graced with a stomach virus right before the holiday.  I myself was out on New Year’s Eve and never got the chance to blog.  So, I’d like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  (I know, I’m definitely more than a little late.)  A new year means a new wedding season, which also means new wedding favors.  Brides who love to stay up to date are beginning to look for the newest, hottest and trendiest favors to use at their weddings.  The Little Things Staff has been plugging away trying to offer all you anxious brides more favors, and if you check out our new arrivals you’ll see some of the new stuff on the market.  But I’d like to take the time to list what I thought were the hottest and most popular wedding favors of 2010, and give a little preview of what I think will be hot sellers in 2011 too!

Popular Wedding Favors for 2010

1.  The Fleur de Lis Motif & Damask Designs – Sales for these prints skyrocketed this past wedding season, and it’s no wonder as to why.  All the girls here at Little Things adore both of the Parisian-inspired designs:  we love the romantic vibe, the classy style and the simplicity of all these wedding favors.  In fact, we even give our display window at our showroom in Sayreville, NJ a Paris theme around March.  I think the popularity of these prints will continue through 2011!

2.  DIY Favor Boxes – They’re great for lower budgets and saving a couple bucks, but I personally hate paper favor boxes and hope these favors are on their way out.  I feel the same way about mint tins.  Read # 2 on my 2011 list for my favorite candy alternative.

3.  Wine Bottle Stoppers – I can’t say I don’t like these, because I love wine stoppers and have (and still) recommended them to many brides that come into our shop.  I love that they’re practical, perfect for both men and women, and available for every single budget out there.  I don’t necessarily think that these are on their way out, but with all the new practical favors on the market (see below!), I definitely think brides will be re-considering.

4.  Wine Charms – I like wine charms to put on your guests’ wine glasses, but I definitely wouldn’t hand them out as a favor.  I don’t think they’re something that would be used everyday.  I certainly wouldn’t use them!

5.  Place Card Frames – I don’t think place card frames are on their way out, I just think that place card holders are going to become popular again!  You will too once you check out some of the unique place card holders we now offer (see below!).

Popular Wedding Favors for 2011

1.  Updated Favor Jars – It seems that the ever-popular and best selling favor jar is being pushed to the side with all of the newly designed ones that are now available.  With little latched “message in a bottle” like jars, cylindrical jars with cork tops, mason jars and even heart-shaped jars, brides now have a lot more options.

2.  Keepsake Boxes / Candy -  Rather than a flimsy, cheap paper favor box, why not give your guests something they can actually use?  We offer teeny mirrored boxes, intricate jewel footed wooden boxes and other trinket boxes that can easily hold a fine delicacy, like truffles.  They can use the box to hold small items, like jewelry after your wedding.  I also love the idea of displaying a single truffle on these clear acrylic phantom chairs.
3.  Practical and Unique Wedding Favors – I was ooh-ing and aww-ing at some of the adorable and practical stuff that we now offer.  Sugar tongs, recipe coasters, bottle openers and edible stuff like drink mixes and honey are so cute!  If I went to a wedding, I’d like to receive something I can actually use…or eat.

4.  Place Card Holders – Real coral, miniature wedding rings, chess pieces and even vintage typewriters (so cute – these are shown in the picture).  I wouldn’t give the place card holder as a favor, but for seating?  Absolutely darling!

5.  Personalization, Personalization, Personalization! – Personalized items have always been popular, as well as personalized tags attached to your wedding favors.  It looks like more stuff is able to be personalized this wedding season, so I’m expecting a lot of happy brides!  Personalized wedding fans, candles, miniature favor pails and more hot chocolate and coffee (with so much personalization – more than ever!) are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Looking forward to the new year with all of you!  PS – Don’t forget to check out our new wedding accessories too.  We have so much new stuff!  <3 Kelsey

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