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Your Wedding Bands & Engraving Options

May 1, 2008

When Chris & I got married, I was looking for a unique, yet classic and modern ring at the same time.  Sounds a bit confusing right – how can something be classic and modern at the same time, yet still be unique?  Since I’m not a flashy person and my hands are quite small, the diamond had to be small and the setting had to be clean.  We decided upon a tension setting from Gelin Abaci – take a look:


Simple and clean with a classic round stone, in a modern and unique tension setting.  Now, 5 years later (our anniversary is in August) I still love this ring for its elegance and design.  But the one thing we didn’t do – is engrave our rings – thinking back I should have had our rings engraved, maybe we’ll do that for this anniversary.  If you are thinking of getting your engagement ring or wedding bands engraved, I developed a wedding band engraving tips list for those of you who may be considering the same.

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