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Engagement Parties 101

Nov 9, 2010

Everyone in the office is attending Alecia’s engagement party this weekend, and we couldn’t be more trhilled for it! All the talk about engagement parties led to us asking questions; and we found answers. Lately I’ve been writing a ton of articles about engagement parties: how to plan them, what to wear, what to give as a gift, and proper etiquette.

Many argue that the engagement party is a dying tradition, yet there are many couples who opt to have this pre-wedding party. To put it simply, the engagement party is to congratulate the newly engaged couple, and to begin creating bonds between the families of the bride and groom. Here are the basics you need to know when planning an engagement party:

- These parties can be thrown anywhere–from five star restaurants, to banquet halls or even a backyard with the BBQ going.

- Anyone can throw the engagement party, though very rarely do the maid of honor or best man host it as they take care of the bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Usually the parents of the bride or groom, or another close family member or friend throws the party. Even the couple can throw the party for themselves.

- Dress accordingly to the weather and location of the party. No matter where the party is taking place, definitely avoid jeans and sneakers. The most casual should be khakis and a polo for the guys; a skirt and fancier shoes for the ladies.

- Typically it is thrown three months after the proposal; six months to a year prior to the wedding. Everyone invited to the engagement party should be invited to the wedding.

So there’s an engagement party in a nutshell. Check out our pre-wedding articles for all of the latest engagement party tips! I’m so excited for Alecia’s party this weekend. I already have my attire picked out, and have her gift wrapped and ready to go. Tune in next week to read about her party and get all of the juicy details. Congratulations, Alecia!

Don’t forget: if you’re planning an engagement party, you’ll need engagement party favors. Though most of our wedding favors can double for engagement parties too!

All my love <3 Kelsey

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