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Incorporating Pets into Your Wedding

Oct 29, 2010

I, as well as the other girls here at Little Things, absolutely love animals.  Erica owns three Shih Tzus, I own two Shorkies (Shih Tzu / Yorkie), as well as a Pomeranian / Chihuahua, Kristi has a Yorkie, and Jessica owns a Malti-Poo.  If you’re a dog or even a cat owner, you know that they become a part of the family.  A wedding is a large celebration, and who do you invite?  Your closest friends and family, of course.  So why not have your pets be a part of the wedding too?

Wedding etiquette has certainly evolved, and today man’s best friend can turn into your best man for a day.  Or your flower “pet,” or even your ring bearer (by using this clever Pet Ring Ring Pillow).  Yes, it has become very popular for couples to incorporate their pets into their weddings!  Is your furry friend going to be standing by your side on the big day as your best man or maid of honor?  Then be sure to spruce them up in this “Best Pet” Wedding Bow.  Hey, Carrie Underwood did it!  But if you’re going the human route, instead dress them up in this wedding bandana.  This adorable keepsake bandanna states ten matter-of-fact reasons why they should have been the one standing by your side.

If your dog or cat is just attending your wedding as a guest, be sure he dresses appropriately in this pet tuxedo.  Or perhaps they’re the ones getting married–we’re not kidding around; people do send their pets up to the altar to get hitched!  You can even host your wedding ceremony or reception at a pet friendly venue for your pooch guests.  Some people may think this modern custom to be a bit on the strange side.  But here at Little Things we believe in and support true love no matter what!

Have a great weekend!  PS – Be sure to check out all our hot new wedding favors.  <3 Kelsey

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