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Unity Candles and More

Sep 29, 2010

One of the biggest events that takes place in the wedding ceremony is the unity candle lighting. First, two taper candles are lit by a representative from each side of the family (typically the mothers of the bride and the groom). The taper lighting symbolizes the love from each side of the family. Then, the bride and groom each take a taper and simultaneously light the unity candle. This represents not only the joining of the bride and groom, but the combining of the love from the two families. A lot of the time the tapers remain burning after the ceremony, as the love within the two families for each other is still in tact. Or if the ceremony was simply done to unite the bride and the groom, the tapers are blown out after the two have come together.

Whatever the case may be, we have a great selection of unity candles to choose from. Our most popular are monogrammed or personalized candles. This Elegance Unity Candle is available with a monogram initial in the background of the two first names and event date. The monogram is also available in eight different colors. Another popular piece is our Unity Sand Shadow Box Set. Perfect for outdoor ceremonies or destination weddings, this keepsake kit includes everything you’ll need to create a memorable unity ceremony, as well as provide your home with a unique piece of decorative home decor after!

We even have candles to suit specific themes. Perhaps you’re having a fairytale themed wedding and want something to really coordinate with your decorations. If so, we have a unity candle in the shape of a fairytale coach. If you’re hosting a fall or winter wedding, we have the candles to match that too. Even if you’re going green and having an environmentally friendly wedding, we have these Sparkling Eco-Friendly All Natural Beeswax Unity Candles. Each candle is available in five different colors (gold, chocolate, white, pink or platinum), and are the perfect touch to your wedding if you’re looking for something that sparkles! The candles are hand rolled and made of 100% natural beeswax. Not only are they not harmful to Mother Nature, but they burn cleaner and longer than a traditional unity candle.

We also have a small selection of unity candle holders to purchase if you’re looking to fashionably display your candles. Some of them are one piece, others are three pieces. Yet each has a large stand to hold the unity candle, and two to hold the tapers. The great quality of the holders makes a great keepsake if you’re planning on saving the candle for years to come.

Sometimes the church or venue does not permit the lighting of candles. If this is the case and your heart is set on having a unity candle ceremony, why not use a sand ceremony set instead? Not only is a sand set safer and better for the environment, but it also serves as a better keepsake. Our favorite and most popular is this 4pc. Sand Ceremony Unity Set. Use it the same way you would a unity candle–rather than using two tapers to light the unity candle, pour the sand from the smaller vases into the larger one. Voila!

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