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What You Need To Know About Silk Rose Petals

Feb 29, 2008

If you are looking to save a bit of your wedding budget, consider silk rose petals in lieu of the real thing.  What you need to know about silk rose petals is, the cheaper the petals, the more likely they will look cheap too.  This is a matter of quality over price, and you’ll be saving a bundle anyway if you choose to use silk over fresh rose petals.

Fresh rose petals are quite costly – but did you know they degrade very quickly (within hours!) are slippery (you wouldn’t want to fall during your walk down the aisle would you?) and can stain fabric depending on the color.

Look for silk rose petals which are made of microfiber polyester fabric – the microfiber actually adds a soft “peachy” feel – just like the inside of real rose petals.  You may want to use these petals in areas which don’t require close examination – your ceremony aisle, your flower girl toss, around certain areas of your reception.  There is also a twist though – you can also order personalized silk rose petals .

Now, for quantity recommendations:

Each guest should get 10 to 20 petals for tossing

Your flower girl should have 100 to 200 petals for tossing

Each reception table should have 50 to 100 petals around centerpieces

Cermoney aisle coverage as follows: 100 petals per sq. foot for dense coverage, 100 petals per 2 square feet for moderate coverage, and 100 petals per 3 square feet for light coverage.

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