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Wedding Cufflinks A Classic Groomsmen Gift

Aug 11, 2010

Secret Agent Cufflinks

Secret Agent Cufflinks - Unique Groomsmen Gift

If you are looking for classic and inexpensive groomsmen gifts, wedding cufflinks are the perfect gift to give to all the men in your wedding party.   If you would like to give all of the groomsmen the same gift it is a safe bet to go with a traditional design such as a high polished silver toned cufflink in a round, oval or square shape engraved with each groomsmen’s initials.  This will give your wedding party a polished put together look.  However, if you want to customize your groomsmen gifts you can give the guys cufflinks that reflect their own unique personality, hobby or style.

Novelty cufflinks come in a range of styles and themes sure to fit everyone on your gift giving list.  Comic book lover?  Why not buy him Superman cufflinks.  Race car fan?  Unique stick shift cufflinks will suit him well.  Art lover?  Modern art deco inspired cufflinks will look smashing both for casual and formal attire.  For the gadget, computer or action movie lover our Secret Agent cufflinks shown to the left will impress and wow him.

We recommend these Top 5 Wedding Cufflinks for Men

1. Polished Beaded Silver Cufflinks (Item Number LJDSGC202) – Traditional and classic, high polished silver cufflinks engraved with his monogram are a sophisticated choice and a top seller.  At $26 per set, these are inexpensive and personalized at no additional charge.

2. Secret Agent Cufflinks (Item Number LJDSBL800) – Make him feel like 007 with these uniquely designed cufflinks.  Unscrew this tubular cufflink and include a personal note to the recipient.  Monogrammed for free. $46 per set.

3.  Silver Knot Cufflinks with Personalized Case (Item Number LJDSGC658-SilverKnot) – Gorgeous and stunning, these will look great with tuxedos, business suits, dress attire – even casual Friday wear.  The case comes personalized for free.  $25 per set

4. Skull & Bones Cufflinks with Personalized Case (Item Number LJDSGC658-SkullBones) – A groomsmen gift with a rock n’ roll edge – skull and bones cufflinks in polished stainless accented with black eyes. Each comes packaged in an attractive personalized silver-tone case featuring the name of the recipient. Personalized for free $25 per set.

5. Wedding Party Cufflinks (Item Number LLR-JL500) – Makes a memorable groomsmen and wedding party gift. Black and silver design will match your wedding tuxedos perfectly. Come in six different versions: Best Man, Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Groom, Groomsman, and Usher. $14 per set

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