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Creating A Music Themed Wedding

Feb 15, 2008

This is just to piggyback on my post from yesterday about our new music wedding favors.  I adore music, and I would personally love to get re-married and have my wedding around this theme.  I was asked “How would you incorporate a music theme into your wedding?”  It got me thinking, and here are some ideas off the top of my head:

  • Location – I’d probably look into a small concert venue, I know of one in my area where semi-major bands play during touring, but it can be rented for events.  It’s already got a bar, a dance floor and a stage for the band, and it’s on the smaller – more intimate side.  If it was to be held in the summer time, I might go with an outdoor location such as a park or garden.
  • Music – well this would depend on your musical style.  But if I could afford it (which I can’t) I’d hire my favorite band.  I suppose a cover band would do though :)  I’d also hire a DJ to play my favorite band’s songs and other music in the same style.  Since the theme is about music – this is probably the most important aspect of the wedding.
  • Decorations – Ice or flower sculptures designed like musical instruments or music notes would definately be an idea to think about.
  • Centerpieces – sheet music on a stand, maybe our first dance song, or maybe a different song for each table.  Surrounded by candles and flowers.
  • Table Names, instead of Numbers – I’d name each table a song title instead of the typical numbers.
  • Place Card Holders – I would definately use guitars (but that’s just me!) there are plently of other instruments to use though – pianos, music notes, violins, etc.
  • Cake – I’d have a white cake with the sheet music of our first dance on it in (music notes), and I would find a music inspired cake top.
  • Favors – Personalized CD’s with our favorite songs.  If there was a band which played, then maybe even a commerative playbill with our names and wedding date and a picture of the band and the happy couple.

Happy planning!  And Have a GREAT weekend! :)

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