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New Beginnings for Little Things Employees!

Jul 15, 2010

Congratulations to two of our employees here at our Little Things Favors office in Sayreville, NJ!  Just recently have Alecia and Marten, and Kristi and Steve announced that they are getting married!  Alecia, our office manager, announced her engagement to Marten on June 14th.  We were so excited to hear the news, and were even more excited when we saw the ring!  Alecia’s ring has a very vintage look to it, which was exactly what she wanted.  The diamond is low set with intricate detailing on the profile.  The design of the ring is actually called Tulip.  Prior to the proposal, Alecia had really wanted an engagement party, and even a reception featuring a damask theme.  Since the ladies here are in her bridal party, we couldn’t stop talking about black and white wedding favors, and lots of diamonds and sparkles.  But now as she looks at eligible venues for both the engagement party and reception, her ideas are taking a sharp turn.  She’s found gorgeous pumpkin patches and farm fields with indoor and outdoor reception areas that give a cozy and comforting feel.  So now she seems to be veering more towards a fall theme, at least for her engagement party now.  She’s 100% certain about hosting her engagement party as a brunch.  So now it’s talk of chocolate browns, golden oranges and deep coppers.  And since it’s a favorite here at the office, of course she’ll be displaying Pumpkin Design Brownies on her tables!  Yum!  Although the rest of us girls loved the idea of a damask themed wedding, it’s her big day.  But we still get to plan the bachelorette party!

Now it’s Kristi’s turn in the spotlight:  Steve just proposed to her on Thursday, July 8th.  We didn’t just hear about it – we all witnessed it!  Steve surprised her at work and proposed to her right on the sidewalk outside of our showroom.  The rest of us were peeking out the door, and couldn’t stop clapping (and some of us even crying) for the two of them!  Kristi was so surprised, however I can’t say the same for all of us…Steve had consulted Erica a month ago!  He then swept Kristi right out the door for a long weekend down the shore.  Kristi’s engagement ring is more high set, and there is no better word to describe it than sparkly!  I personally think that the ring almost looks like a flower, and has a very classic look.  Since they’ve only been engaged for exactly a week now, they haven’t planned much so far.  But we do know that Kristi favors the color eggplant, which seems to be trending this wedding season.  She also likes the idea of a “Sculpture Garden” theme, which could easily feature numerous favors from our Eco-Friendly Section. Congratulations to both of you!  We can’t wait for the weddings—it’s a race to the altar!

Also, warm welcomes to our new customer service representative in training, Darlene!  We’re more than happy to have yet another friend and employee here at Little Things.

Hope everyone is having a great week, but it’s almost Friday!  Hang in there!  <3 Kelsey

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