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Gorgeous Cheap Wedding Favors – Who Knew?

May 12, 2010

Beautifully Beaded Place Card & Photo Frames

Beautifully Beaded Place Card & Photo Frames

When you think cheap wedding favors, you may just think: cheap.  I mean how could something that costs .99 cents be quality?  Of course with many things, you get what you pay for – and that certainly holds true with certain items.  A .50 cent Round Silver Mint Tin, is afterall, a mint tin.  But there are some gems out there that not only are cheap, but of good quality and value.

Here are 10 great cheap wedding favors that are gorgeous, bestselling and very popular.  These are our recommendations to you if you are on a budget and are looking to give something worth while.

  1. Beautifully Beaded Place Card Frames – perfect for displaying your seating assignments and holding your thank you photos.  Available in Silver or Gold and priced just right.  A bestseller and something the girls and I love in the office.
  2. Heart Book Lovers Collection Bookmark – I have been recently reading a few books at night before bed, but I didn’t have a bookmark to mark my page (can you imagine?) So I took a sample of this bookmark from our showroom.  Perfect for weddings and love themed events, but I would also recommend any of the bookmarks in the “Book Lover’s” line  as they are all made the same way just in different designs: heart, fleur de lis, castle, starfish, peace sign, snowflake, key and butterfly.  Although they aren’t very large, they are packaged well and for .89 cents you can’t go wrong.
  3. Personalized Hershey Kisses – Who doesn’t like chocolate? With over 50 designs and at .30 cents each, fill a huge bowl on each table of these yummy treats.  Featured in Modern Bride Magazine.
  4. Calla Lily Bouquet Candles – A bestseller, with good feedback from our customers and pretty to look at.  I really can’t see your guests actually using them, but rather displaying them in their homes.  Really cute design!
  5. Crystal Heart Keychain -  I love these as wedding and bridal shower favors.  I happen to like keychains, and the quality, price and packaging can’t be beat.  One of our favorites in the shop!
  6. Monogrammed Purse Mirror – Perhaps not perfect for a wedding, but great for a shower, these are the one mirrors I would recommend.  While the other mirrors are quite popular, they are made of hard plastic and i think the Monogrammed Mirrors with a fabric overlay, are just better quality for the price at about a dollar.
  7. Place Card Holders – If you are looking for a place card holder, while these are not exceptionally popular, they are of outstanding weight and quality: Contemporary Heart Place Card Holders and Silver Plated Wedding Cake Place Card Holders (Seen in Modern Bride).  I would recommend them to our brides for quality and price.
  8. Butterfly Magnets – (also available in starfish and fall leaf designs) – there are very few refrigerators in this country without a magnet attached to them, so for practical purposes, magnets are fun favors.  The quality of these magnets combined with the cards they come with make an outstanding choice for wedding favors.
  9. Personalized Candy Jars – very popular with our brides this year, you can personalize these in so many colors and designs.  For .99 cents on most of the jars we offer, which includes the personalized stickers, just fill with candy and you have a great pop of color to your tables.  We use our extra jars in our office to hold paper clips and pushpins.
  10. Fleur de lis Soaps – I love the fleur de lis motif and its also quite popular this year among brides.  These soaps smell good, look good and are packaged well for their price.

Hope this has given you some good ideas of what it worth the money in the cheap wedding favors category, if you have any questions please feel free to leave us a comment or send us a question, we would love to help you plan your perfect day!

Always <3 Erica


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