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Love Life @ Little Things

May 11, 2010

Even if it’s a crazy Monday here in our office/showroom, with the phones ringing off the hook, a full inbox and customers walking in to top, we always seem to find the time to chitchat.  Actually, the ladies and I rarely ever shut up!  Random conversations can range from anything common, such as music, to something completely out of the ordinary, like Kristi’s strange fear of spines.  We also tend to constantly poke fun at each other and crack jokes so funny that we’ll be doubling over in hysterics.  Usually, though, we update each other on what’s going on in our lives:  what we’re doing this weekend, what we really want to buy, or the snarky confrontation with the woman at the post office.   Oh, and we usually talk about our boyfriends, whether it be why we fought, the sweet things they do for us, or the gross habits they have.  So sorry, gentlemen, but every lady employed at Little Things is currently off the market.

Out of my obsession with love and all things such, I had a spontaneous streak of inspiration one day while we were all talking about our significant others.  So why not pay a little homage to everyone and their beau?  Since our work environment here is so small and intimate, it’s really simple to touch on everyone’s lives.  Say hello to the couples here at Little Things!

Erica & Chris

These are the two that make it all happen:  Erica and Chris are the owners and founders of Little Things.  Right now they are the only couple in the office that is actually married, which happened way back in August of 2003.  Our NJ showroom even features pictures from their wedding on the walls, elegantly framed in our Signature Guest Book Mats.  The two even dressed up together for Halloween, with Erica as a bride and Chris as the priest marrying her off!  They also have a son, Gabriel and three dogs, perfecting their family image.  The two are usually in the showroom with each other every Saturday, helping other couples to plan their weddings for a marriage just as happy as theirs!

Alecia & Marten
You can ask anyone here in the office:  even though it’s only been a little over a year, it feels as if these two have been together forever.  Alecia and Marten met at his work place, and at first it only seemed like a harmless flirtation.  But now the two are practically inseparable–they just moved in together!  Even though they’re not officially engaged yet, we’re all practically on the edge of our seats waiting for Marten to propose.  And we couldn’t be more happy for them…or more excited to begin planning the wedding (and the bachelorette party)!  Don’t worry, once it happens I’ll be writing a congratulatory blog article in honor of the two, along with all the great details after the wedding!

Kristi & Steven

Besides Chris and Erica, Kristi and Steve have been together for the longest.  They’re only two months away from their 5 year anniversary!  Even though Kristi’s been working here for exactly 4 months today, I still haven’t met Steve!  Although I have seen pictures of them together, and I have to say the two really do compliment each other.  And the first time Alecia met him, she said, “they really seem like they’re meant to be together.”  Like Alecia and Marten, these two are practically engaged to be engaged.  They’ve even known each other since high school (but I can’t write they were high school sweethearts, even though that would add on to their cute-ness.  They didn’t get together until years after).  So we’ll see who beats the other to the proposal.  It’ll be a race to the alter!

Kelsey and Richard
Rich and I are the newest couple here at Little Things–we’ve only officially been together for three months.  Today is exactly three months since he wanted to call me his girlfriend, actually.  As much as I adore him now, when we first met neither of us though that we were going to get together, but the best things always seem to be the ones that aren’t planned.  We couldn’t be happier now though, and we’re actually planning our Vegas getaway to get married in June…just kidding.  Alecia and Kristi call us “smitten,” and will make fun of me when I’m wearing a “cat that ate the canary” grin, though we all say that to each other when we’re wearing a stupidly happy smile.  But I just can’t help it, he is quite the charmer and is always making me laugh.  He’s a really great cook too, which with him, I discovered, is the way to my heart.

So that’s everyone’s love life here at the Little Things Office.  Except for Ben…who is currently single and ready to mingle, ladies!  Our very own “prince charming” is sure to be exactly that and make you swoon.  We’re not really ever sure about his love life though, because he’s such a lady’s man.  It would be much too hard to keep up with!  But of course all us girls here are his main squeezes; he’ll never love any girl the way he loves us!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!  <3 Kelsey

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