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25 Random Things About Team Little Things

Apr 13, 2010

  1. We started out in 2003 selling custom made “Lovesaver” wrappers to fit over standard lifesavers, we expanded our product line in 2004 selling on ebay as seller littlethings*favors
  2. In 2006 we closed down our ebay store to focus on our website, Two Hearts Favors while we developed our current website, Little Things Favors
  3. In August 2007 was launched and fully functional
  4. In the beginning, we worked out of our basement in an 10” x 8” room – our chairs literally bumping into each other when we tried to “roll back”
  5. In September 2008, we opened our first showroom location – 137 Main Street in Sayreville, New Jersey – with a little over 700 square feet of showroom space and an office we could use!
  6. In February 2010 we launched a website exclusively for baby shower favors and gifts.
  7. Although we started as a wedding favors company, we sell a variety of favors, wedding accessories and gifts – baby shower favors, bridal shower favors, Sweet 16, graduation, anniversary, religious favors and more!
  8. The most unusual use for one of our favors was used as “funeral favors”.  Who knew?
  9. We carry roughly 5,000 favors and gifts on Little Things Favors and 1,000 favors on Little Things Baby.
  10. We are a family oriented company and call ourselves “Team Little Things”  We celebrate everyone’s birthday, anniversary, holiday and even those “just because” events.  We are more of a family than an office environment.  We all love coming into work!
  11. We have an office joke that Monday’s are Mimosa Mondays – although we never officially have cracked a bottle of champagne open on any Monday!
  12. We could be “Glee” of the wedding favor industry.  We always have music on we are always singing, usually in unison.  There is a 99% chance if you call or visit, we’ll have music on in the background.
  13. There is always candy in the showroom / office.  Current offerings are Cherry Jelly Belly Jellybeans and Assorted Jordan Almonds.  But we love Finnish & Belgium Chocolate!
  14. The office is eco-conscious. We donate to Carbon Fund, recycle and reuse as much as we can.
  15. We also have donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation, March of Dimes, Cougars for Cancer, and other local causes.
  16. We love Halloween and we dress up each year.
  17. When we receive new products in our showroom we all “ohh” and “ahh” over our new “toys”.  We love getting new products just so we can test and sample the goods.
  18. Because we see our products in person, rest assured when you call us, you will get an honest opinion of an item you may be interested in.
  19. We are expecting two of our Team members, Leci & Kristi to be getting engaged shortly – and we can’t wait for it so we can plan the weddings!!
  20. We are obsessed with coffee.  From the moment we open the doors to the time we close – our coffee pot is brewing.  Erica loves organic Newman’s Own or Starbucks Zen tea while the rest of the girls seem to prefer Hazelnut.
  21. The last week of December Erica and Leci are usually in Finland.  This “girls-only” getaway has turned into a yearly event where they go for a week of great Scandinavian music concerts, spa trips, saunas, delicious chocolate and sub-zero temperatures. We’re trying to recruit the other girls in the office to come this year for our yearly retreat.
  22. We are animal lovers – we participate in National “Take Your Dog to Work Day” but occasionally, you’ll find one of Erica’s 3 Shih Tzu dogs in the office. We also have two Beta fish that live in the showroom.
  23. Erica & Chris’ 5 year old son is usually in the office after school, so if you call you may hear him in the background.  Often when customers are in the showroom, he’ll even suggest wedding favors for them!
  24. We’re not your typical wedding company – we have a bit of a rock n’ roll edge which inspired the color scheme for our website.  Our showroom reflects this in a funky, lounge inspired hot pink and black theme with modern furniture.
  25. There is a PC vs. Mac dispute in the office.  The guys all use Apple products where as the girls all work on PCs.

Hope these little random tid-bits about Little Things has shed some light on the great office I work in.  I am so thankful to have the most dedicated and fun group of employees to work with.  I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You!” to my staff: Leci, Kristi, Kelsey, Ben & Marko for making this all possible! Thank you to my husband Chris for putting up with many long nights of me plugging away at the website!  In June Little Things Favors will celebrate our 7th anniversary and I am looking forward to another great 7 years and beyond with you all!

Thank you Team Little Things!!

Love you!


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