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Is She a Flower Girl or a Junior Bridesmaid?

Apr 13, 2010

Brides will always encounter problems and issues while planning their perfect day.  Recently here in our NJ showroom we’ve noticed that a couple of brides asked us the same question.  They have a young girl between the ages of 9-11 that they would like to incorporate into their wedding, but are unsure how to place her.  Is she a flower girl, a bridesmaid, or perhaps a junior bridesmaid?

Technically the age limits for the female wedding party goes like this:

Flower Girls:  Ages 3 – 8
Junior Bridesmaids:  Ages 9 – 15
Bridesmaids:  16+

If you have a girl young enough to pose as a flower girl, then go for it!  As the tradition goes, she’ll walk down the aisle while sprinkling flower petals from a basket.  For the perfect one to coordinate with your wedding, see our Flower Girl Basket section.

If the girl is too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a bridesmaid, she’s considered a junior bridesmaid.  She’ll be wearing the same dresses as your bridesmaids, but usually junior bridesmaids carry a smaller bouquet.  You can also use a pomander bouquet as an alternative.  A pomander bouquet is a ball of flowers carried by a ribbon.  This also works if you were really leaning toward having a flower girl in your wedding, because it will almost appear that she is holding a basket.  If you absolutely have to have petals sprinkled down the aisle, have your junior bridesmaid carry this Flower Girl Cone instead.  It isn’t exactly a basket, so you’re not following the traditional flower girl rule.

Of course, this is your big day, so anything you say goes!  You never have to follow the rules.  Check out our Silk Rose Petal section to choose the right color for you.

Happy Tuesday! <3 Kelsey

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