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The Damask Wedding Theme – Classic Elegance

Mar 15, 2010

“Damask Traditions” Frosted Glass Tea Light Holder

“Damask Traditions” Frosted Glass Tea Light Holder

When we moved into our showroom in September 2008, one of the first things we did is hand stencil our office in a “Parisian” theme with Black Damask stencils on the top and a black and white stripe on the wainscoting on the lower half.  Not only is it one of my favorite classic patterns, I also knew that the Damask theme was soon to be popular among brides as well, and sure enough – Damask is making a huge rise in popularity in 2010.

As a matter of fact in the past 30 days on our site, it is in the Top 10 of all of our searches for the site!  Talk about a wedding trend!  Even the major favor manufacturers have agreed – they too have released this gorgeous pattern.

Damask wedding favors are classic and elegant in design and are historically known as a pattern

of royalty.  From Ancient times in the Byzantine and Islamic Middle Age cultures, extending to Italy, The Netherlands, Ireland and France – Damask linens and patterns have dominated the upper classes of these cultures.

It wasn’t until the 1920′s that Damask linens became more common to the middle classes, after etiquette expert Emilie Post, stated that, “No other table covering, no matter how fine or elaborate, satisfies our inherent sense of faultless suitability.”   Since then, Damask patterns have covered the most elegant table settings across the ages and classes.

Damask Monogrammed Organic Lip Balm

Damask Monogrammed Organic Lip Balm

Today’s brides and designers that seek elegance and luxury, agree with history and Damask themed weddings and wedding favors are one of the hottest trends this year for modern brides.    Whether you offer your guests at your bridal shower something chic such as our popular Damask Monogram Lip Balms or you give your tables a pop of style with gorgeous candle favors – Damask design favors will bring radiant memories to your guests.

I’ve featured some of my favorite Damask favors in this post.  The Damask traditions candle holders are not only beautiful to look at but also gorgeously gift packed.  The Damask favor boxes are brand new to the market this month and are a unique way to present your edible favors.  And the Monogrammed Organic Lip Balm is a favorite of the entire office staff!  It is simply the best lip balm we’ve ever used and is much recommended by us as your bridal shower favors!

Have a wonderful week! Happy Mondays to you!

Erica :)

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