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Wedding Bells – Keeping A Tradition Alive

May 28, 2009

A traditional symbol for marriage, wedding bells pop up throughout the ages as a visually inspiring and universal symbol of marriage.  From ringing church bells, to a string of bell-like objects attached to a wedding car, to ringing of bells to ward off evil spirits and clinking of glasses or bells to “ring for a kiss” – bells are as traditional as “something blue”.   Wedding bell favors will add charming decor to your wedding reception tables as well as being a wonderful keepsake wedding favors for your guests.

If you’re not sure about giving a wedding bell as a favor, but want to incorporate them into your wedding, we have several ideas for you!

Wedding Bells to Ring in Good Wishes as You Leave Your Ceremony

Wedding Bells to Ring in Good Wishes as You Leave Your Ceremony

1) Instead of tossing rice, birdseed, eco-friendly rice puffs, bubbles, wedding wands or rose petals – have your wedding guests ring good wishes to you as you leave your ceremony site.  They can bring these bells with them to the reception to echo in the same sentiment as you enter the reception.

2) If you would rather not hear 150 guests resquest you to kiss at the same time, add 2 to 4 bells scattered on each reception table.  You’ll stil get the same “chime” without it being obnoxiously loud on your ears.

3) Leave our “mini” ring for a kiss bells at each table setting.  These are only 1″ tall so the sound of the bells will be softer than that of our larger, traditional wedding bells.  Inexpensive at about .18 cents each, you can afford to put these on your tables in addition to any wedding favors you would like to give your guests.

4) Use bells as your place card holders – rather than buying place card holders or frames, have your wedding bells work for you!  Type up on your computer your list of guests and their table numbers.  Print on cardstock, and cut out the names in little 1/2″ to 1″ wide strips of paper, about 3″ long.  Wrap one end around the bell, and use a glue stick to stick it to the back of the strip – leaving a long strip with the guests’ names fanning out. Alternatively, there are wedding bells such as our Sweetheart Wedding Bells which hold a place card right between the two hearts of the bell.

5) For a traditonal and gorgeous keepsake wedding favor, give your guests Silver Plated Wedding Bells (as shown in picture above) or any of our gorgeous wedding bell favors.  These will be cherished for years to come.

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