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Eco-Friendly and Green Wedding Ideas

Apr 9, 2013

"Love Grows" Picket Fence with Seeded Paper Sun

"Love Grows" Picket Fence with Seeded Paper Sun

I find it unfortunate that green wedding favors aren’t as popular as they used to be. I remember years ago when I first started working here they were all the rage:  brides couldn’t get enough of our bamboo candles and personalized magic beans!

Still, Team Little Things still strives to remain eco-friendly by donating to Carbon Fund, and we always encourage our brides to go green when planning their wedding too, whether it’s by using recycled paper for your invitations or purchasing eco-friendly wedding favors.

When I asked our Facebook fans if any part of their wedding would be environmentally friendly, I was really surprised at all the people who planned on remaining practical when it came to centerpieces. Like I mentioned in our previous blog post regarding centerpiece ideas, not only can they get expensive, but those cut flowers are harmful to the earth!

Mary S. says, “we are buying our centerpiece items from Goodwill & Craigslist, using natural materials to decorate, and using artificial flowers that can be reused by another bride.” She isn’t the only one who has recycling in her sights. Sherry V., Lynn S. and Jamie M. all do too! Others, like Lynn S. and Andy H. plan on visiting second hand stores and thrift shops for decorations and materials. And Dana R. plans to go 100% organic! “Planning has only just begun, but I am going to purchase the flowers from local farmers and use organic treats in favors, as well as use organic products for the reception,” she says.

Janna L. is also reducing her use of flowers by only using them in her bouquet and small centerpieces. “I’m trying to make everything double as something else,” she adds. Sam C. is nixing flowers completely and instead is arranging monogrammed martini glasses on the tables. And Heather W. is sawing logs herself for displaying her mason jar centerpieces!

Some more eco-friendly wedding ideas included Freddy R.‘s re-usable napkins and Craig A.‘s seed wedding favors. Remember that using recycled or natural materials can still be pretty, especially if you’re planning on having a rustic wedding. Scrounge up some recycled burlap for your table and aisle runners, or gather a variety of mason and glass jars for distinctive centerpieces with a ton of contrast.

Still stuck for some inspiration? You can also check out our other article for 10 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding.

Congratulations to Janna Lee for winning this blog contest and sharing her eco-friendly ideas!

~ Kelsey

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