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Great Destination Favors You Can Take In Your Luggage

May 23, 2009

We had a couple come into our Sayreville, NJ showroom on Thursday who were shopping for beach themed wedding favors for their destination wedding in South America.   They were looking for something memorable and wanted candles, but we advised her against it.  Candles  don’t travel well in the heat, and if the cargo area on a plane is hot, you’ll end up with melted candles.  Same holds true for chocolates.

If you’re traveling to a destination by plane you’ll want wedding favors which are relatively lightweight (due to weight restrictions on luggage now) easy to pack, and temperature proof.

Wedding Favors we would not recommend for destination weddings:

  • Candles (due to high heat, they can melt)
  • Chocolates, chocolate covered candy (again they can melt)
  • Oddly shaped and/or large  items which would be difficult to pack such as our tall candle lamps (they would take up too much room in your luggage)
  • Heavy items such as 4 pack glass coasters.  100 coaster sets (where there are 4 coasters per set and made of glass weigh approximately 80 pounds which is too heavy for airline luggage restrictions).
  • Lip balm, chap-stick, soaps and hand cream (again these items will melt in transit)

It’s best to use common sense when deciding on which wedding favors to buy for your destination wedding.  If you think there is a possibility they may melt, break or be too heavy – you’re instinct is probably right.

Here are some beach wedding favor ideas for your destination wedding:

1) Beach Themed Bookmarks – while all of the beach themed bookmark we carry are cute, I recommend “A Jewel From The Sea” Seashell Bookmark because the outside folder is pretty (its a metallic pearl shimmer in your choice of label color, but I am partial to the origina color scheme).  It’s lightweight, can easily be packed and the bookmarks themselves are lovely!  At about $2 each for a personalized wedding favor, these are sweet.  Here’s a picture of them:

2.  Beach Themed Keychains – lightweight and useful, everyone can use a keychain.  However, the boxes (although small, about 2″ x 3″) can take up a bit of luggage space if you’re carrying a whole bunch of them.  Inexpensive, these range from $1.75 to under $1, depending on design.  My favorite beach themed keychain is Choice Crystal Shell Keychains – they are really pretty and great quality plus the packaging is a pretty blue box which can’t be beat.   Here’s a picture of them:

3.  Beach Themed Coasters – Coasters are great because they are functional.  I don’t know what household wouldn’t be complete without coasters.  Men and women can use them, they are a universal favor.  Ultimately, our customers who were shopping this week in our store, chose coasters for their favors.  And here is my choice, because they are 2 to a pack (lightweight), they can hold 2 photos of the couple, and they are relatively flat to pack in luggage.  Here’s a hint to pack these, line your luggage with clothing, pack the coasters above the first layer of clothing, then pack the rest of your clothing on top.

4. Luggage Tag Wedding Favors – if you and your guests are traveling for your wedding it makes perfect sense to give them something they can use on their journey – which is a luggage tag.  While some tags are more “girly” such as our “Oh So Trendy” Pink Purse Luggage Tag or our “First Class Fashionista” Red Heel Luggage Tag, others are more practical for both them men and women on your guest list.  For quality and durability we’d suggest our Airplane Luggage Tags shown here:

5. Wedding Mints – cheap, personalized and useful (hey everyone needs a breath mint after dinner) these adorable and useful palm sized tins can be refilled after your wedding day.  They come in a variety of beach inspired designs, are easy to carry, are lightweight and won’t melt.  Some come in a variety of colors (like the one below comes in 5 different color choices), so these would make great favors.

Happy Saturday to  you!

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