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DIY Wedding Place Cards / Escort Cards

Jan 10, 2008

Chances are if your having a wedding, proper etiquette dictates assigned seating.  Whether you choose just to assign tables or to be more formal and assign actual seating, is up to you, but whatever the case may be – you will need place cards and/or escort cards. 

What’s the difference you may ask?  Well, its simple.  Escort cards (which the proper name, although they are mistakenly referred to as place cards) are commonly found at a table near the entrance of your reception location.  They tell guests what table to sit at.  Place cards are exactly that – they are found at each place setting and tell guests where at the table to sit. However, you can use a place card holder or frame to hold your escort cards or your place cards. 

Place card frames and place card holders are a wedding necessity – guests want to know where to sit.  Imagine you were running 10 minutes late for a reception, and when you and your guest walked into the reception, all the seats were taken and you couldn’t sit next to each other!  How would you feel?

Now you need not spend a fortune on place cards.  Many place card frames and place card holders come with place cards included. But if they don’t or if you don’t want to handwrite out each place card / escort card – we have a quick and inexpensive solution for you!

First measure your inner frame size to see what size card you will need.  If you are using a place card holder you can have varying sizes, but the most common is 2″ x 3″.  If you have word processing software simply create a template with your size cards.  Within this template you can either type each guest’s name and table number in each box or type out two lines, one for the name and one line below for the table number – so you can handwrite the cards out later.  You can even get fancy and add a graphic or change the color of the text to match your wedding colors.

Once your place cards are finished on the computer, you can print them up.  If you are using place card frames, you can print on plain paper (no one will notice the difference through the glass) or you can even purchase cardstock for an added touch.  If you are using place card holders, I would suggest purchasing heavier cardstock or even pre-perforated business cards (purchased from your local stationary/office supply store) so they will “stand up” in the holders.

And if your not the do-it-yourself type, check out our selection of pre-made escort / place cards

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