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Bold & Daring Bridal Ideas

Oct 9, 2012

I love when brides decide, “screw tradition – I’m gonna do this MY way,” and the result is often something that’s completely one of a kind.  I especially love when this is done with wedding gowns, bridal accessories, hair, makeup, etc.  Today many brides aren’t afraid to go for bold and daring wedding looks – here are some reoccurring ones for the modern bride.

High Necklines – This is a look that I personally would never dare to wear – I’m a V-neck tee shirt kind of girl and don’t like anything confining me like that. High necklines combined with sleeves is a look that’s a little outdated, but a halter-like cut is flattering on some women (especially those with amazingly toned shoulders and arms).

The Birdcage Veil – What once used to be something considered audacious now seems almost as common as the white wedding dress.  Now this 1920s fashion is everywhere, but can everyone pull it off?  I think with the right hairstyle, the birdcage veil can look great on anybody.  I’m a fan of it worn with simple, low updo’s – and you can’t go wrong with adding a pretty flower or a feather fascinator.

Red Lipstick – Like the birdcage veil, this is another trend that used to be considered bold and is now an everyday look.  Red lipstick is definitely not to be worn by everyone.  On the bright side, there’s a ton of different shades to try and find one that matches your skin tone, though it may not be the classic Marilyn Monroe look you were going for.

Black or Colored Wedding Dresses – Let me start off by saying I absolutely LOVE black wedding dresses and would totally consider wearing one.  But a gown that isn’t a variation of white or ivory will most definitely shock your guests. So if that’s a fashion statement that no one would ever expect of you, skip it (unless that’s what you’re going for).

Short Wedding Dresses – It’s easy to get away with wearing a short style wedding dress if you’re having an outdoor, spring or summer wedding.  Obviously short dresses are a lot more casual than a gown, so go this route if your ceremony and reception won’t be over the top.

Bold Wedding Necklaces – A recent bridal trend I”ve been seeing a lot lately is big, bold wedding necklaces.  The key to rocking an awesome necklace with any outfit is to let it be the focal point.  You can’t have a lot going on up top, or else your ensemble is going to look too crowded.  So, opt for studs or no earrings at all, a simple hairstyle and the right dress.  The best gown to pair a fancy necklace with is one that is strapless.

Tattoos – Of course, tattoos aren’t a bridal accessory or a piece of jewelry, but a part of a person.  Can every bride with a sleeve pull it off while wearing her wedding gown?  If she can rock the ink in the first place, then my answer is yes.  But for those who have tattoos that they regret, attempt to cover it with makeup.

Did you have a unique or eye-catching wedding look? We’d love to see it! And be sure to check out our selection of bridal accessories where you may find some inspiration for your special wedding ensemble!

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