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Leash In The Cats and Dogs, We Mean – In-laws!

Sep 17, 2008

Oops, maybe we shouldn’t call them cats and dogs, but when they fight, we just can’t help but see the comparison. If you’re lucky, your parents and your husband’s parents will never fight throughout the wedding planning or the actual wedding.

Well, we can’t all be that lucky. Chances are, parents are going to clash. Stress often causes ordinarily calm people to become a tad angry or annoyed, and as you know, wedding planning can be quite stressful.

As Dr. Dale Atkins, in “Getting Hitched? Tips to Handle the In-laws” notes, “Wedding planning can bring out the best and the worst in people, and understanding what is important, and why it is important to each member of the family is essential.”

Here’s some tips to keep the sanity in your life:

  • Go in with a good attitude. Just because you’ve rented movies like “Monster In-Law” and heard horror stories about in-laws doesn’t mean that your situation will be the same. Put a smile on your face and hug the new people you’re about to share your life with.
  • Talk it out. So your in-laws want a light blue theme and you’ve always dreamed of seafoam green. Rather than feeling like they simply have it in for you, explain your side. Chances are, they’re probably just didn’t know what your intentions were anyway. If they still overstep you, be sure to firmly state that this is you and your fiance’s wedding, not theirs.
  • Pick your battles. Arguing over the wedding theme is one thing, bickering over whether to have pot stickers over potato pancakes is another – don’t fight over little matters, you don’t need the added stress. Be sure to assert your opinion, but don’t go into a screaming match with your mother-in-law over small details. Plus, it’ll show your maturity and calm everyone down.
  • Don’t take sides. You may be tempted to side with your parents instead of your fiance. Don’t! Remember, you’re about to be married and this is the time you need to be united with your fiance. Don’t bad-mouth your parents and in-laws. Instead, listen objectively, and offer ways to help and find a solution that is agreeable for all parties.
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