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Cheap Date Ideas

May 10, 2012

One of the reasons why I love summer is because the warmer weather and sunshine offer more opportunities to get out of the house – and spend less money.  So grab your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband or wife for a date that costs little or no cash.

Check out my recent article on free date ideas for some great suggestions for…well, free dates.  I picked my 10 favorite ideas – including Weird NJ and “locking your love,” which Erica suggested after visiting the Bridge of Love upon her last trip to Helsinki, Finland.  Couples engrave or customize their own padlock, attach it to the bridge and throw away the key, symbolizing their everlasting love.  Unfortunately, there aren’t too many bridges or structures in the US that condone this (I guess it’s a European thing), but how cute would it be to do that with your partner at one of your favorite locations?

I was surprised that I found it somewhat difficult to find date ideas that are absolutely free.  It’s quite easy for small spending to go unnoticed (like my beach/boardwalk suggestion where you may have to pay admission, or even the amount of gas it may take to get to your destination).  But I did find a ton of unique and romantic date ideas that are not only great alternatives to the typical “dinner and a movie,” but cheap too!

Board Game Night (Good for double or group dating!)
Comedy Club
Drinks, Appetizers & Dessert
Haunted Houses
Horseback Riding
Laser Tag
Local Play
Local Sports Game
Movie in the Park
Movies (Minus the Snacks from the Theatre)
Open Mic Night
Play Pool
Restaurant Tour
Shooting Range
Take a Class Together
Test Drive a Luxury Car
Walk on the Beach or in the Park
Wine Tasting

Now, all you need is a date, or even a friend to do all this awesome stuff with!  Have any other ideas?  Share them!

The weekend is almost here – hang in there! <3 Kelsey

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