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Marriage Is Like A Fine Merlot…

Aug 6, 2008

Fabulous wine is an essential for the modern wedding. From Cabernet Souvignon to Pinot Grigio, the possibilities are endless for the perfect post-nuptual beverage. While you consider the perfect pairing for your reception dinner entrees, take a look at some of the fantastic wine wedding favor ideas that you can use to tie in your passion for good wine. Great for wine-themed or autumn weddings, or if you and your fiancee met at a vineyard, wine wedding favors are a great way to celebrate your love on your special day.

Bottle Stoppers

Bottle stoppers are a great favor option. Choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials to tie in your wedding theme. Choose personalized wine bottle stoppers or even make your own decorative corks as a more thoughtful touch. features wine bottle stoppers in numerous designs to capture the essence of your wedding day.


If you make your own wine, or have ready access to a vineyard, miniature bottles of your favorite wine is an option. Make wine with your fiancee as a special gift to your wedding guests. Serve complimentary glasses during the wedding, or store in small bottles for a great wedding favor.


Make them or choose picture frame coaster Wedding Favors from for a practical shower or reception option. Choose from printed designs, personalized selections or picture frames to find the one that fits your special day. Get creative and frame wine labels instead of a photograph as a favor.

No matter what type of wine wedding favor you choose from, your guests will fully enjoy their wine experience. Cheers!

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