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Creating Your Own Unique Wedding Wands

Jan 6, 2008

I love handmade, unique items – and I especially love to tinker with do-it-yourself projects.  If I see something I like on designer shows, I usually try to duplicate it myself.  I stumbled upon a unique and highly customizable do-it-yourself wedding idea from Brides UK magazine – how to create your own wedding wands!

Wedding wands can be used in lieu of bubbles, rose petals, rice or confetti tossing at the ceremony.  They also can be used by guests to welcome the new “Mr & Mrs.” at the reception.  They are a fun alternative to throwing things at the couple (which I was never really a fan of – what bride wants rice in their dress?).

To make your own wedding wands, go to your local hardware store and purchase dowels (round wooden spindles).  You may need to enlist the help of a friend, father or your fiance to help cut the dowels to the perfect size and use a bit of sandpaper to smooth off the cut edges.  Paint each piece in your wedding colors and attach ribbon and/or accessories to the top of each dowel with a hot glue gun.

And if you want to get really fancy, we suggest purchasing personalized ribbon to attach to your wands: 3/8″ wide personalized double faced satin ribbon – continuous printed roll

Handmade Wedding Wands

Wedding Wands, photo courtesy of Brides UK, January/February 2008, Page 94


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