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Outdoor Beach & Summer Wedding Tips

Apr 2, 2012

Summer is one of the most popular times for weddings.  Whether the ceremony is on the beach or the reception is outdoors, there are a lot of factors that go unnoticed by guests and couples during outdoor beach or summer weddings.  Have no fear – we are here to help!  Here’s a list of summer and beach wedding tips you’ll want to check out if you’re exchanging nuptials or attending a wedding in the warmer months.

1.  Consider your shoes!  Ladies, this is especially for you:  stiletto heels are not for the sand or grass!

2.  Wear sunscreen!  Or, give your guests personalized sunscreen as their wedding favors!

3.  Wedding fans will be cherished by some guests, especially during an outdoor ceremony where there’s no breeze.  Kill two birds with one stone by purchasing wedding program fans.

4.  If you think the sun is going to be beating down on your guests, consider paper parasols to keep them in the shade.

5.  Dress accordingly.  Thick suits and long, flowy dresses are definitely a no-no in the warm weather, especially if you’ll be dancing the night away!

6.  Avoid chocolate or candy wedding favors or desserts which are likely to melt in the heat.

7.  Consider using a sand ceremony set rather than candles for the unity ceremony, which may not stay lit.

8.  Lay off the alcohol, or serve wine only. Drinking too much will dehydrate you – and obviously will be more effective in the heat.

9.  Always have a backup plan for your reception and ceremony.  Mother Nature may decide to not cooperate that day.

10.  Food – especially sugar and sweets – will attract bugs, so keep everything covered when possible.  This will also help any debris from blowing into your food.  Make sure all garbage is cleaned up immediately and put out of the way.

11.  Talk to your band or DJ about microphones during the ceremony if it’s outside.  The wind or sound of the ocean can easily drown out the vows!

12.  If the party will continue into the evening, light citronella candles to keep away those pesky mosquitoes.  And if you have an outdoor tent up, see if you can hang netting around it.

13.  If the sun’s out, make sure your guests are facing away from it.  The sun should be behind them so it’s not in their eyes!

14.  Choose your hairstyle carefully, or talk to your stylist about what styles will hold up in the wind.

15.  Plan carefully.  Since summer holds holidays like Memorial, Labor and Independence Day, try to avoid choosing a date around them where guests may have vacation plans, therefore being unable to attend.

Be sure to check out all of our beach wedding favors to commemorate your special day!

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