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5 Tips To Trim Your Wedding Guest List

Jul 22, 2008

Damask guest book

Shown Above, Vintage Bouquet Damask Guest Book

We all know weddings can be costly – and the biggest expense is not your DJ, limos or your wedding favors!  And with the economy in a struggle and rising gas costs, you may wonder just how to save on some of your expenses. The largest expense is your catering at about a whopping 50% of your budget.  If your per-plate catering cost is 100.00 per plate, and you cut 10 people off your list (which isn’t alot!) you would have saved $1,000 dollars!

So just how do you cut down your guest list?  It’s easy!

1) Take the total number of guests you plan on inviting and divide by 4.  The bride, the groom, and each set of parents gets a 1/4th of the total number of invitees.  Stick to that number.

2) Next divide your guest list into groups, – close family – close friends – aunts and uncles – cousins – co-workers – etc.  Who can you eliminate?  Perhaps you can knock-off (not literally!) those cousins and the co-workers.  If you eliminate a group – elimiante all of them, you don’t want any hurt feelings.

3) Unless you have a budget the size of Trump’s bank account, you shouldn’t invite co-workers.  Weddings should be reserved for close friends and family.  Your co-workers will understand!  If you are especially close to one or two of them, invite them – but not the whole office or department.

4) Inform your parents before hand, now is not the time, and your wedding is not the place to play “payback”.  They don’t need to invite people who they gave gifts to for other weddings.  This is a time for close family and friends.  This is your day, and ultimately you have the final say on attendees.

5) Cut out the long distance invitees.  With soaring airline tickets, gas costs and other expenses, they may not be able to afford to come.  Invite only those whom you are close to and send wedding announcements to the rest.  Their pocketbooks will thank you.

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