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Unique Destination Wedding Locations

Nov 29, 2011

Although I love traveling, I can’t personally say that I would have a destination wedding.  I’m extremely close with many members of my extended family, and I feel that destination weddings are not the best choice if you want everyone you care about to come, as they are not only costly for the couple, but for the guests as well.  Of course, I’m sure I won’t be getting married any time soon, so by the time my engagement rolls around I may have changed my mind.  Not wanting to have a destination wedding doesn’t mean I don’t like them though – I think they’re great!

Here I’ve listed a few of the most unique places I think would be suitable for destination weddings (excluding the oh-so last season Hawaii and other places that seem too popular).  Note that I am not a travel agent, nor have I ever been to any of these places – it’s just what I think would be fun!

1.  Paris, France – You can’t go wrong with this destination; it’s the city of romance!  You can even feature Paris wedding favors, such as our unique Eiffel Tower key chains or place card holders.

2.  Australia - This seems to be a great choice if you’re an adventurous couple, and if you’re inviting guests of all ages.  There’s so many different activities to do:  you can hit the beach for surf, sand and snorkeling, or hit the Outback for a unique experience.

3.  Tahiti - Looking at pictures of Tahiti seriously makes me sick; it’s THAT gorgeous.  The huts inside the crystal clear blue-green water is enough to make me drool.  Your guests might want to stay throughout your honeymoon…

4.  Italy - Whether you’re going staying in Rome for the architecture, Milan for the shopping or Venice because you just can’t decide, Italy is just as romantic as France, if you ask me.  You can’t go wrong with Italian food and the beautiful language and scenery.

5.  Fiji - This spot is a close runner up to Tahiti, though is more remote (less tourists for you) and I believe, more expensive.  But it really is a place that is one of a kind and not many people have (or will ever get the chance to) visit.

Any of these places would be a dream for me to visit, wedding or not.  Even if you’re not planning on having a destination wedding, you can always consider these for honeymoon hot spots instead.  And my recommendations for destination favors?  Luggage tag wedding favors, of course!

Where would you have your destination wedding?

<3 Kelsey

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