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Love Birds Wedding Theme Ideas

Jul 18, 2008


Birds are a long time symbol of love, hope and inspiration.  Birds are “in style” for the moment – everything from blog designs, to invitations and textiles to wedding items.  Birds have always been a symbol for newlyweds too – especially when they move into their first place or “their nest”.  So whether your simply mad about birds or just madly in love, a bird theme is great for your wedding or bridal shower.

Let’s take a look at the items above, to start, we have eco-friendly love bird invitations from Paper Shouts.  For place card holders why not try our mini bird nests which can double as place card holders and candy holders.  Use chocolates, or even light blue or light green jordan almonds to fill them to make them look like eggs.

For your cake topper or even as centerpieces, why not look at our contemporary love birds? This timeless white porcelain topper will be classic and beautiful even for your 25th anniversary!  The blue and red cake design shown here is courtesy of The Sugar Syndicate Chicago, check them out for some cool ideas!  Or if you’d perfer the beautiful turquoise love birds cake top, or the birds nest cupcakes shown next to the cake, they come from The Pink Cake Box

For your wedding favors, why not try personalized monogrammed love bird mint tins which come in 9 different color choices and 4 different types of fillable candy?  Or you could also try our personalized love bird candle wedding favors (shown in blue, also available in cream or green).  For your bridal shower, you could also give out our love bird guest soaps in bird’s nests.

And for a finishing touch to your reception or shower, why not try our birdcage card holder ?

For more great bird theme reception decorating ideas, check out our article: Creating A Love Bird Wedding Theme

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