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Buying Espresso Cup Favors? Read This First!

Oct 21, 2011

Tiffany Blue Espresso Cup Favors

Shopping for espresso cups for wedding favors? Espresso sets are not new to the European wedding market, but are making huge gains as elegant wedding favors here in America.  These are impressive – and will impress your guests.  Because espresso sets can be a bit more pricey than typical wedding favors, here are 7 tips you should  consider before buying these mini coffee cups!

  1. Construction – You’ll want your espresso sets to be durable, sturdy and solid to the touch.  The glaze should be brilliant and the joint that holds the handle to the cup firm.
  2. Material – Look for porcelain cups as those are the finest made, however not all porcelain is the same quality.  The better the quality, the higher the price.
  3. Thickness – Thicker cups retain the heat of the espresso better, but thickr cups don’t always equal elegant favors.  Thinner espresso sets which are elegant and can match your best china are often thinner than traditional espresso cups.
  4. Hand Feel – This is completely personal and something you’ll need to test in hand.  Order samples of different manufacturers or styles (or come in to visit us in our showroom) to see how they feel in your hand.
  5. Heat Retention – Thicker espresso cups of high quality porcelain tend to hold heat longer.
  6. Aesthetics - Buy what visually appeals to you!  Your espresso sets should match the style and theme of your wedding and reflect your personality.
  7. Pricing – Purchase what fits to your budget.  The more sets you purchase, the better the pricing.  Also consider 2 cup sets are cheaper than 6 cup sets.  Remember, this type of item you’ll only have to give 1 per couple or 1 per single guest.  So if you are having all couples attend your wedding, you only need to purchase 1/2 of your guest list total.  Don’t rule out a more expensive option because wedding favors are the cheapest expense for your entire wedding.
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