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Life Without Chocolate is No Life at All

Oct 13, 2011

If you’re like me – or any of the girls at Little Things – you love chocolate and candy.  Take a walk into our NJ showroom and you’ll find complimentary mint tins and a tray of Hershey kisses that we urge our customers to take.  But our back office is where we stash all the good stuff for ourselves:  imported Finnish chocolate, DumDum lolllipops, and currently, a fundraiser box of chocolate from Erica’s son that we’ve almost finished (it’s for a good cause!).  We also usually have some kind of cookie assortment, and rest assured most of our chocolate and edible wedding favors have been sampled by us, so if you’re looking for an honest opinion on a product, feel free to call!

Wedding chocolate and candy favors are a great choice to give away to your guests.  They may not be able to treasure it forever, but they’ll certainly enjoy it while it lasts.  Especially if you’re planning on purchasing something from us:  many of our chocolate favors, including our brownie pops (which are to die for), chocolate dipped rice krispy treats, and wedding cookies are all gourmet and made of the richest and finest chocolate.

Unless you have a knack for baking and creating, these aren’t the kinds of treats you typically make at home.  Our brownie pops are designed to look like a newly wedded couple, pumpkins and pears; our rice krispies look like bridesmaids’ dresses and even sushi!  And a lot of our other candy favors, like our lollipops, jellybean packs, gumball machines and mint tins can be personalized free of charge.  We also offer a large selection of Hershey’s chocolate products, including kisses, miniatures, chocolate bars, Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups and York peppermint patties.

Edible favors are a fantastic choice for your guests, and a unique one at that.  Feel free to contact us directly at 732-654-5262 to see if you can order samples!

Have fun indulging! – Kelsey


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