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Freeze Dried Rose Petals An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Jul 15, 2008

freeze dried rose petals

Did you know that you do not need to spend a fortune to have fresh de-petaled rose petals for your wedding?  Nor do you have to purchase silk rose petals which although manufactured to “look” real, are not.  Freeze dried rose petals are cheaper than fresh rose petals (but still the real thing) and rather than silk petals, freeze dried is an environmentally friendly option!

Our freeze dried rose petals are de-petaled from real, fresh roses and dehydrated in a facility which is powered by wind and hydro energy.  Freeze dried rose petals will not wilt like fresh rose petals while giving you the appearance of freshly plucked petals!  They also do not stain fabrics and are not as slippery as fresh petals.

Freeze dried rose petals can be used in the same way fresh rose petals would be used – to line the aisle in the ceremony, as your flower girl toss, to decorate your reception tables or to use them as a rose toss when the couple leaves the ceremony – in lieu of brideseed, rice or bubbles.  Freeze dried rose petals are biodegradeable so you won’t have to worry about harming the environement.

To prep your freeze dried rose petals, order them at least 3 weeks before your event.  Once they arrive the easiest way to soften them is to place them in your bathroom while you are taking a shower.  The humidity will gradually soften the petals – however, for typical uses (tossing, decoration, ailse lining) you do not need to soften them unless you want to.

Be careful though!  Do not submerge them in water, and do not use these as floating rose petals.  Although these will float, these will quickly absorb water, get soggy and lose shape.

Our Premium freeze dried rose petals are available in 8 different colors.  Look for them in our eco-friendly wedding favors section.  And also check out, speciality freeze dried rose petals and our seasonal mixed colored freeze dried rose petal blends.

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