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How to Have a Tea Party

Oct 10, 2011

The trend of hosting a tea party for bridal showers is growing more popular every year.  I attended what is also known as a high tea, and it really is the perfect theme for a bridal shower:  the perfect combination of girly, chic, cute and elegant.

Tea parties are best to host during the late morning or early afternoon.  Most tea parties don’t include full course meals.  Instead, serve finger foods such as cheese and crackers, cookies, Biscotti, scones, petite fours, cupcakes (on a tier looks beautiful!), cucumber sandwiches, and even soup (French onion is my favorite!).

Puzzled as to where you should host your tea party?  If you’re looking for a venue, tea houses and tea rooms are becoming increasingly popular.  Do a little research to find the closest one in your area.  Of course, you can always host a tea party at someone’s home or any other venue you can find.  But tea houses provide a much more appropriate environment.  You’ll find a lot of them use antique teapots and tea sets – many of which don’t match for a creative, eclectic feel.

Of course, you’ll serve tea at your tea party!  If you’re hosting the affair at a tea house, you won’t have to worry too much about what tea you’ll serve or how to serve it – the tea house will take care of all of that, including the food.  But if you’re hosting the party at a home, consider having a tea bar.  Arrange hot water dispensers and a large variety of tea out for your guests to choose from.  Besides tea bags, you can serve loose tea with infusers handy as well – I’ve found most people haven’t had the chance of making their own tea with an infuser, and I personally find it more fun.

Don’t forget – you’ll need tea party favors!  Popular tea favors include tea infusers, but I recommend giving your guests a personalized tin of loose tea along with it, since most people use tea bags over loose tea.  Or you can send your guests along with a personalized tea bag, any other tea themed favor, or even some personalized Biscotti.

So invite all the ladies to put on their prettiest dresses – it’ll be just like playing tea party when you were little girls!

Hope this blog provided a lot of inspiration for anyone planning a bridal shower.  – Kelsey

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