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Geek / Computer / Tech Inspired Wedding Favors

Jul 14, 2008

Perhaps you met while blogging. Or maybe you met on a dating site.  Myspace romance?  Or was it office love at first sight?  Commputer programmer, computer technician, website developer, SEO expert, social media gruru?  If any of these apply to you or your mate, did you know that there are a variety of tech inspired wedding favors just perfect for you?

byte.jpgIf you fell “In Love At First Byte” perhaps these unique computer keyboard inspired LOVE magent wedding favors are waiting for you. There are 5 magnets in each box, one of each of the following letters: L, O, V, E while the fifth magnet is an “Enter” key.  These are perfect for those who met over the computer or even for an office romance.  These have a minimum order of 36, and personalization is included with the price.

dusters.jpgOr Maybe you both are computer technicians; you know how important it is to keep your computer dust free!  These whimiscial bride and groom keyboard dusters may be right up your monitors (lol) as your wedding favors.  Each features retractable “hair” which when extended, serves as a computer duster.  Sold in sets of 12, each is just under $3 when you order 72 or more.

mouse.jpgAnd finally, we know it, the moment you saw each other, you just “clicked” – your mouse that is.  Why not share your tech savy-ness with all of your guests with our “We Clicked!” Round Mouse Pad Wedding Favors.  These make great napkin rings too for your reception.  These are very unique – and in this day and age – who doesn’t have a computer – everyone can use these fun wedding favors!

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