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Wedding Favors for Guys

Jul 13, 2008

You can’t imagine how many customers call us and ask, “What do you have for wedding favors which are also appropriate for our male guests?”  Well, it’s true, while most wedding favors can be a bit girly, we do have some suggestions for the guys attending your wedding.  Skip the fluff, buy something useful for the guys that they actually may care about:

beer.jpgPersonalized Beer / Pint Glasses – While these are perfect in any home for soda pop, water or juice beverages, these also make the perfect pint beer glasses.  Select a plain design such as a simple monogram in a “manly” color – black, silver or blue.  Both the female and male guests will be able to use these in their homes.  On a similar note, you could also give your wine.jpgguests keychain bar tools.  Each stainless steel keychain contains 3 multipurpose bar tools – a corkscrew, and two retractable blades in a nifty looking wine bottle design.  The women will probably put this item close to their wine and the guys will either use them as keychains or use them in their homes.  It’s like a swiss army knife only wedding favor style!

cocktail.jpgNo home which entertains is complete without a stainless steel bar shaker.  And if your mixing drinks for a larger group, everyone should have more than one on hand.  I recently had a cocktail party, and I didn’t have a shaker in my home!  Our Mini Cocktail Shaker wedding favors are perfect for the guys and the girls.  Each stainless steel shaker holds 6 ounces and is 5.75 inches tall.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so if you want to give a pizza.jpgpractical and useful wedding favor to him, why not give him a Pizza Cutter? Each stainless steel pizza cutter is approximately 8.5″ long and is durable enough and large enough for a man’s hands, while being pretty enough as your wedding favors.  With a small heart detail at the top of the handle and packaged in an elegant silver, black and white box, these are perfect unisex wedding favors.

cards.jpgAnd for those men who like to play poker – why not personalized playing card wedding favors?  Each card deck features BLACK “Two Of A Kind” playing cards and the outer case can be personalized with a different colored label.  So you can put a personalized pink label on the front, but the guys will still be proud to use these at their next card game because the cards are still masculine colored black.


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