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Wedding Coffee Bar & Coffee Favors

Sep 15, 2011

Here at Little Things, we love coffee probably more than weddings.  Well, no, we love weddings, coffee though, probably runs a close second.  If you are anything like us, our Keurig machine is ever brewing an assortment of regular and flavored coffee, and even brewing tea.  Occasionally, in the winter, we’ll toss in some hot cocoa for good measure.  Out of all of the employees here, I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t drink coffee.

Even if you aren’t a coffee addict like we are here, I’m sure there are occasions you do drink coffee – which makes coffee and tea a perfect entertainment item for your fall or winter wedding.  We’ve heard of the candy bar, the cigar bar, the ice cream bar – I have even heard of an old fashioned soda bar for a wedding reception idea! How about a coffee / tea / hot beverage bar for your upcoming nuptials?

A hot beverage bar is perfect for warming up your guests on chilly fall evenings or freezing winter afternoons.  Nothing will warm up your guests like a delicious, hot drink!  A coffee / hot beverage bar is easier than you think to incorporate into your wedding. Start by having your reception location provide a large enough table with urns filled with coffee and hot water.  You can even hire someone to man an espresso / cappuccino machine.

At the table be sure to provide

  • Different Types of Coffee (Full, Decaf, Espresso, Cappuccino)
  • Different Hot Beverages (Tea, Hot Cocoa, Apple Cider)
  • Different Types of Syrups
  • Different Types of Toppings (Powdered Chocolate, Cinnamon, Nutmeg)
  • Different Types of Sweeteners (Don’t forget heart shaped sugar cubes!)
  • Different Types of Milk (Fat Free, Whole, Half n Half)

When Can You Use A Hot Beverage Bar?

  • At the cocktail hour for those who choose not to drink
  • At a brunch reception
  • During the reception, some people prefer coffee right after dinner and don’t like waiting until the dessert course. (Or if you are like me, I like coffee before AND after my dinner).  This is also good for those who want to warm up if they are cold (or just came in from outside) or if they don’t drink alcoholic drinks.
  • While the bridal party is getting ready, or at an post-wedding all night party, or the day after brunch

Of course, there are plenty of ideas to keep your wedding pumped full of caffeine – from coffee brown bridesmaids dresses, to personalized coffee favors, coffee cups, coffee scoops, espresso cups or even coffee scented candles – you’re wedding will be good to the last drop!

– Love, Erica & The Coffee Lover’s at Team Little Things

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