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Would You Pay To Try On Wedding Gowns?

Jul 2, 2008

wedding gown with sash

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I came accross a recent BBC news video , where some wedding gown boutiques in the UK are charging 25 pounds (about 50 US Dollars) for customers just to try on wedding gowns – the fee is refundable if you purchase a dress, but if you do not purchase a dress, the fee will not be returned. The fee is in effect for Saturday and evening apointments. The wedding gown charge was introduced to deter women who have no intention of buying or who are “time wasters”.   Caroline Castigliano, a wedding dress designer and boutique owner, states that she charges this rate so that “the people who see us are definately serious about the brand”.

I would like to know, how clerks can determine if a bride to be is a “time waster”.  When I was shopping for my wedding dress, I had a general idea of what I wanted to try on (simple, elegant, halter, no beading, no embellishments, no poofy skirts!).  Although I thought my ideal dress would be simple to find, I searched high and low, shop after shop to find the perfect wedding dress.  Yes I wasted many shops’ time but I needed to – I didn’t find one dress which fit me correctly (I’m petite, but busty!) – and everything I tried on was too “foofy-foofy”.  It seemed as if not one consultant listened to what I wanted (I even went to Kleinfeld’s (in Brooklyn at the time)).  So even though I may have been “wasting time” – I was definately serious about purchasing!  But to pay to try on a wedding dress?  I’m not so sure those boutiques would have gotten my money!

I wonder if the wedding gown shops in the USA will follow suit.  Although I can understand that “time is money” and that there are women who try on with no intentention of buying – isn’t that just the nature of the business?  What would you do?  Would you pay to try on wedding gowns in a designer boutique?

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