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Unique Engagement Party Ideas

May 11, 2011

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

With the engagement party making a comeback, there’s tons of brides and friends and family of couples planning and thinking of ideas for engagement parties.  You need to organize your guest list, book a venue, send out invitations, and even look around for wedding favors, that can be used as your engagement party favors instead!  So with a new year, we’ve brought you some new unique engagement ideas to make your special day one of a kind.

Who needs a boring old sit down dinner anyway?  Dare to be different and host a different kind of party.  Gather your guests in a fondue restaurant and prepare yourself for a night of dipping breads and desserts into melted cheese and gooey chocolate!  Check out your area for a laid back lounge and invite your friends and family for drinks and hor-dourves (isn’t cocktail hour everyone’s favorite part?).  Or maybe you’d like to rent out your favorite cafe and create a coffee bar for a mega-caffeine fix and pastries.  Try thinking about what you and your beau like and enjoy, and plan your engagement party around it.  After all, the engagement party is a bit more intimate than the wedding and can be less formal too.

Here are some more venue ideas you may want to consider for your engagement party:


1. Museum
2. Lounge
3. Cafe/Coffee Shop
4. Vineyard
5. Farmhouse
6. Bakery
7. Aquarium
8. Historical Site
9. Picnicing Area
10. Fun, Themed Restaurants

We can’t help but notice some of you brides searching for the perfect engagement party favors.  So we decided to give you a little treat – we’re offering 20% off our engagement party favors this week.  Use coupon code Engage20 upon checkout.  For all other purchases, save 10% using Engage10.

Loving the weather!  What a perfect week for an outdoor wedding :) <3 Kelsey

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