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Archive for January, 2016

Industrial Wedding Theme Ideas

Jan 22, 2016

Industrial wedding theme? What’s that you ask? Why it’s the urban city’s answer to rustic, country weddings!  While the city may not have the good ‘ol home charm that country weddings do, the city has a plethora of backdrops that are both rustic and modern.  Think loft spaces, art galleries, old warehouses, rooftop bars and gardens, breweries – even old movie studios!  The walls of these places are usually made of bricks or concrete.  They have high ceilings, awesome views, wooden or metal crossbeams and a vibe that you can only get from the city.  Modern meets vintage – you can easily blend elements from your favorite wedding themes with shiny new elements to create the perfect blend that is all you.  Mixed metals with concrete create a look that is once of a kind.  From silver to gold, or even copper (think rose gold!) Industrial weddings are starting to soar in popularity as an alternative to the long used rustic theme.  Let’s take a look at 2 Industrial wedding palettes that are new and inspiring.

silver industrial wedding theme ideas Sources: Skyline Couple, Warehouse Wall, 100 Layer Cake | Bar Sign, MyWarehouseHome | Laterns, forks, cage lights, galvanized buckets Little Things Favors

Copper Industrial Wedding Theme

Sources: Loft Wedding, OldSweetSong | Place Setting, RuffledBlog | Outdoor space, 100LayerCake | Invitations, Pinterest |  Concrete Coasters, Pipe Place Cards, Love Cake Top, Copper Vases: LittleThingsFavors

Which one do you prefer, the cool, sleek tones of the silver or the warm tones of the copper?  Industrial weddings are simple in design yet massive in style.  This is one wedding theme that doesn’t require lush floral elements or expensive centerpieces.  The reception space that you use brings enough drama to make it magnificent. You can find more industrial wedding favors and ideas here If you’re having an industrial wedding, we’d love to see your photos!

Wedding Napkins Personalize Your Reception

Jan 11, 2016

They seem small and maybe even insignificant – after all they are just napkins after all.  But personalized wedding napkins really are more than an ordinary napkin.  They add pops of color to your reception – they can be used during the cocktail hour, the reception and even for dessert.  Some brides buy the longer ones and use them in the bathrooms.  It’s all about the little things, the tiny details that makes turns your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

kraft wedding napkins

Let’s talk about sizes, shapes and what you can do with your wedding napkins.  Having a cocktail wedding, or cocktail hour?  Use the beverage size to hand out drinks in lieu of coasters.  Use them when you are serving hors d’oeuvres – you don’t need larger sizes at this time.  Not only do people use them, but some old school guests will keep one or two as a memory of the wedding.

During your dinner (or if you’re hosting a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner) use the lunecheon size.  These are typically 2 inches larger thank the cocktail size.  Great if you are having a buffet style dinner or carving stations where guests need a little larger size than just for beverages.  Or you can select the dinner size which are typically rectangular, and can also be used for guest towels in the lavatories.

Finally during dessert time, or on your candy, cake and coffee tables you’ll want to go back to  your beverage size napkins.  Think smaller plates = smaller napkins.

purple wedding napkins with design

Ok, so now you know what sizes of napkins you’ll need for your wedding – what about personalizing them?  Traditionally, personalized wedding napkins like the ones shown above are customized with a design, monogram initial, monogram and your names and date.  They are pretty classic and inexpensive too – about .40 cents per napkin (in any size!) AND they come in 35 different colors and even more ink and foil colors to imprint on them.  But if you’re looking for something non-traditional or even more modern why not try trendy wedding words and sayings on them such as:


our Eat, Drink and Be Married napkins (you can change the text color to match your wedding.)  or one of these fun sayings below:


There’s even wedding napkin designs that can list your signature cocktails

cocktail drink menu wedding napkins

or napkins that can list fun facts about the couple that your guests may not know about you


There’s just so many fun ways you can decorate your napkins for your wedding – and for cheap too!  If you don’t see a design that tickles your fancy, you can even contact us with your own art work and we can custom make napkins just for you. Which wedding napkins will you choose for your big day?