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Archive for August, 2012

Have You Seen The All New

Aug 13, 2012

Have you seen our all new, totally redesigned website?  We re-launched just a few days ago and we are happy to bring you a totally updated look and feel to our site! We have made the following improvements for you:

Easier way to narrow down your choices, with a simple and intuitive sorting system within every page, just click on your price range or color or theme or specialized ways to shop.

Our Navigation has moved from the left side to the top, just hover over any area for a full drop down menu – no more scrolling down the page to find things!

We’ve become more “social” with easier social networking buttons in every item, its now just a click away to share your finds on pinterest, facebook, twitter and more!

We have a fun interactive “Scratch & Save” sale currently going on.  Simply shop any item in our store, scratch off the “lotto” like coupon and get instant savings of 5-20% off your order.  Hurry and shop soon, our Scratch & Save sale won’t last long!

Shop at: Little Things Favors today!