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Nominate A Wedding Blog You Love – Top Blogs For 2012

Apr 30, 2012

We at Little Things, love surfing the web on our downtime (after all there are 3 of us engaged in the office) browsing bridal blogs for ideas, trends and inspiration for our upcoming nuptials and our clients.  While we have our favorite blogs bookmarked and handy – we want to know what your favorite bridal blogs are!  We are looking for nominations, suggestions and ideas.  From a mix of our readers suggestions and our own we will compile a set of 10, top 10 bridal blogs for specific niche areas. Winners will be featured on our blog, our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts along with receiving a link from our site to theirs on our website and a cool badge to feature on their blog.

Please nominate your favorite blogs by leaving us a comment below, on twitter or on our Facebook page.  We close our our nominations on May 7, 2012 and announce the list shortly thereafter!

Practical Wedding Favors

Apr 19, 2012

When guests attend your wedding, there’s a 99% chance (not a real statistic) that they’re expecting wedding favors they can use – that’s why practical wedding favors are the way to go.  Your guests will leave happy, and you can rest assured the favor won’t be tossed in the trash or stuffed away in a drawer when they get home.  I’m all about practical wedding favors (if you ask me, the only other option besides something useful is a photo booth or donation).  So here’s yet another list of some awesome wedding favor ideas, except this time I’ve listed them in order of best to worst (in my opinion).  Click on the links to be brought directly to each section!

1.  Bookmark Favors – Seriously, we have SO many bookmarks that are best sellers.  They’re cheap and adorable – you can literally find one for every theme.  I am personally a bookworm and bookmarks help keep my nasty “dog-earring the pages” habit at bay.

2.  Playing Card Favors – …are not just for Las Vegas weddings.  First of all, they’re personalized, so guests are certain to love them.  I’ve actually received these as favors before, and kept them in my purse (which I could do, because they come in a handy little plastic case).  And I used them – the host never seems to have playing cards when I attend parties.

3.  Luggage Tag Favors – These are especially suitable if you’re having a destination wedding, but certainly not limited to those only.  Nor are they only going to please the avid travelers:  there’s a good chance that guests will remember it the next time they have to hop on a plane.

4.  Wedding Coasters – Do I even have to elaborate?  Everyone uses coasters; your guests will too.  And if it’s not every day, they’ll need them the next time they have guests over.

5.  Salt & Pepper Shaker Favors – Even though they’re miniscule, they are just so cute.  No one will be able to resist the fun shapes and sizes they come in, so even if they’re not used, they’ll be displayed somewhere in the kitchen.

6.  Kitchen Themed Wedding Favors – This includes anything from our best selling measuring spoon favors to mini whisks, pizza cutters and more.  They’re especially perfect as bridal shower favors…check out our article for ideas:  Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower Ideas.

7.  Pasta & Salad Serving Sets – These are a great choice if you have a little more money to spend, because they can get costly.  Our Murano-inspired ones are especially nice.

8.  Cake Server Favors – Again, these can get costly too.  Keep in mind they probably won’t be used except on birthdays and other parties (unless your guests eat cake or pie every day).

9.  Olive Oil & Cruet Sets – I come from an Italian family, so olive oil is always in the kitchen and constantly being used for cooking.  But they can get expensive unless you’re planning on purchasing miniature versions.

10.  Ice Cream Scoop Favors – You’ll also find ice cream bowls here too.  With a bit more whimsy than elegance, ice cream favors are more suitable as for parties, but they’re always an option for the summer wedding.

11.  Photo Frames & Albums – The only tip I have is this:  buy a larger sized frame in a simple style.  It’s something that people will be displaying in their homes, so be thoughtful when choosing as everyone’s decorating tastes are different and you want something versatile.

12.  Stationary & Pen Favors – Everyone uses pens, but keep in mind that eventually they will run out of ink.  Letter openers are used less frequently, but can be kept forever.

13.  Magnet Wedding Favors – Personally, I like magnets for save the dates…and that’s it.  Memo clip magnets are an exception.

14.  Cookie Cutter Favors – I bake, and I have never used a cookie cutter in my life.  My only advice is to purchase samples first and make sure they are good quality and actually work!

15.  Notebook Favors – I have an addiction to Post-Its, so anything of that sort would be helpful to me.  However, I can’t say that I’d put too much use to a pen that barely fits in my hand and tiny notebook paper that has no adhesive.

Happy shopping! <3 Kelsey aka “Little Miss Opinion”

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Will Guests Use Place Card Holders After My Wedding?

Apr 9, 2012

Although place card holders may not be your first priority when you begin your wedding planning, keep in mind that it’s the little things that matter! Place card holders are a must for every wedding and should reflect your personal style or the theme or colors of your wedding. Whether you want a place card holder that is elegant, whimsical or even completely personalized, there’s a wide array of styles to compliment any bride’s taste.

Contrary to many beliefs, the wedding card holders do not lose their purpose after directing the guests their seats.  After helping to maintain order at your wedding reception, they can serve as table décor or be used to hold photos or memos in your office, at work or around your home. Your guests will be sure to appreciate these trinkets during and after your wedding.

One of our most popular place card holders are these Small Chalkboard Frames (Pack of 5) which can double up as a writing board after the wedding.  Also popular are more traditional card holders, such as the Chic Silver Place Card / Photo Frame that can later hold a picture. Whichever style you choose, these favors will add lovely accents to your wedding tables.

And to be sure you’re not breaking the bank, check out our place card holders under $1!

Happy wedding planning and remember it’s the small details that count!  Be sure to check out all of the wedding favors we have to offer!



Outdoor Beach & Summer Wedding Tips

Apr 2, 2012

Summer is one of the most popular times for weddings.  Whether the ceremony is on the beach or the reception is outdoors, there are a lot of factors that go unnoticed by guests and couples during outdoor beach or summer weddings.  Have no fear – we are here to help!  Here’s a list of summer and beach wedding tips you’ll want to check out if you’re exchanging nuptials or attending a wedding in the warmer months.

1.  Consider your shoes!  Ladies, this is especially for you:  stiletto heels are not for the sand or grass!

2.  Wear sunscreen!  Or, give your guests personalized sunscreen as their wedding favors!

3.  Wedding fans will be cherished by some guests, especially during an outdoor ceremony where there’s no breeze.  Kill two birds with one stone by purchasing wedding program fans.

4.  If you think the sun is going to be beating down on your guests, consider paper parasols to keep them in the shade.

5.  Dress accordingly.  Thick suits and long, flowy dresses are definitely a no-no in the warm weather, especially if you’ll be dancing the night away!

6.  Avoid chocolate or candy wedding favors or desserts which are likely to melt in the heat.

7.  Consider using a sand ceremony set rather than candles for the unity ceremony, which may not stay lit.

8.  Lay off the alcohol, or serve wine only. Drinking too much will dehydrate you – and obviously will be more effective in the heat.

9.  Always have a backup plan for your reception and ceremony.  Mother Nature may decide to not cooperate that day.

10.  Food – especially sugar and sweets – will attract bugs, so keep everything covered when possible.  This will also help any debris from blowing into your food.  Make sure all garbage is cleaned up immediately and put out of the way.

11.  Talk to your band or DJ about microphones during the ceremony if it’s outside.  The wind or sound of the ocean can easily drown out the vows!

12.  If the party will continue into the evening, light citronella candles to keep away those pesky mosquitoes.  And if you have an outdoor tent up, see if you can hang netting around it.

13.  If the sun’s out, make sure your guests are facing away from it.  The sun should be behind them so it’s not in their eyes!

14.  Choose your hairstyle carefully, or talk to your stylist about what styles will hold up in the wind.

15.  Plan carefully.  Since summer holds holidays like Memorial, Labor and Independence Day, try to avoid choosing a date around them where guests may have vacation plans, therefore being unable to attend.

Be sure to check out all of our beach wedding favors to commemorate your special day!

<3 Kelsey

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