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Cuckoo for Coaster Favors

Oct 28, 2011

Coaster wedding favors are among the most popular gifts couples will give at their weddings.  Why?  Coasters are usually cheap, simply packaged, practical and elegant – and no one wants their coffee tables ruined at home.  That’s why you know your guests will use them.  You can check out my article, The World of Wedding Coasters to see the different kinds of coaster favors on the market and why they’re great.  Thinking of buying coasters as your wedding favors?  Follow these guidelines to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck and make your shopping experience a whole lot easier.

Budget - Like I said, many coaster favors are offered at low quantity prices for great quality.  We’ve got a whole bunch offered as low as $0.99!  But always take into account shipping costs, with glass coasters especially.  Those things get heavy, and you may be surprised at how much shipping really is.

Time - If you’re ordering last minute, I’d definitely recommend ordering extra pieces.  Glass coasters tend to break easily, and you may find a few damages in your package.  Of course, you can always contact us within 7 days of receipt of your package with a picture of your damaged items and we’ll replace them at no extra cost.  But if your wedding is the weekend coming up, there’s always a chance we won’t have enough time to get them out to you.

Packaging - Most coasters are packaged for display:  a clear box with a simple white organza ribbon wrapped around and a thank you tag.  Since most places won’t package any differently than what’s shown, remember if you’ve got the time, budget and crafty trait, you can always buy your own ribbon from a craft store to re-wrap the boxes.  Or you can just buy personalized tags (many of our coasters are offered with them at an additional cost).

Size - Luckily for you, most coasters are roughly the same size (3.5″ square), but always double check the size before you order it, like with any other product.  You’ll also want to confirm how many coasters are in the packaging – most of the time there are two coasters in a box; others you’ll find have four.  Often you can find the set of four as a set of two instead, so you’re paying less.

Double Duty – If you’re purchasing a photo coaster, you can double these as your place cards too.  Most come with a generic “For You” insert inside, and you can always hand write place cards on the opposite side (generic place cards probably won’t fit; typically the coasters hold a 1.5″ x 2″ photo or insert).

Check out all of our wedding coasters to find which one is right for you!

<3 Kelsey

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Gene Simmons Finally “Kissed” His Bride!

Oct 25, 2011

electric guitar place card holders

October 1st was the day Gene Simmons of the rock band Kiss married his lovely long time girlfriend Shannon Tweed.  The episode aired October 18th, and what do we notice?  Their porcelain cake topper – one of which we have!

We didn’t notice anything else featured at the wedding that you can find here at Little Things (of course, we were most upset we were unsure of their wedding favors!), but the episode of “Family Jewels” was certainly an exciting one.  We love that their dog walked down the aisle first (not dressed in a dog tuxedo though, which is one thing we would change) and that their children got a chance to sing and perform for the newlyweds.

If I were the wedding planner of this fabulous wedding, I would probably have to go over the top with a rock and roll theme to pay homage to Gene.  Such things like guitar place card holders and some of our “love rocks” themed favors would just be some of the stuff at that affair!

<3 Kelsey

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Buying Espresso Cup Favors? Read This First!

Oct 21, 2011

Tiffany Blue Espresso Cup Favors

Shopping for espresso cups for wedding favors? Espresso sets are not new to the European wedding market, but are making huge gains as elegant wedding favors here in America.  These are impressive – and will impress your guests.  Because espresso sets can be a bit more pricey than typical wedding favors, here are 7 tips you should  consider before buying these mini coffee cups!

  1. Construction – You’ll want your espresso sets to be durable, sturdy and solid to the touch.  The glaze should be brilliant and the joint that holds the handle to the cup firm.
  2. Material – Look for porcelain cups as those are the finest made, however not all porcelain is the same quality.  The better the quality, the higher the price.
  3. Thickness – Thicker cups retain the heat of the espresso better, but thickr cups don’t always equal elegant favors.  Thinner espresso sets which are elegant and can match your best china are often thinner than traditional espresso cups.
  4. Hand Feel – This is completely personal and something you’ll need to test in hand.  Order samples of different manufacturers or styles (or come in to visit us in our showroom) to see how they feel in your hand.
  5. Heat Retention – Thicker espresso cups of high quality porcelain tend to hold heat longer.
  6. Aesthetics - Buy what visually appeals to you!  Your espresso sets should match the style and theme of your wedding and reflect your personality.
  7. Pricing – Purchase what fits to your budget.  The more sets you purchase, the better the pricing.  Also consider 2 cup sets are cheaper than 6 cup sets.  Remember, this type of item you’ll only have to give 1 per couple or 1 per single guest.  So if you are having all couples attend your wedding, you only need to purchase 1/2 of your guest list total.  Don’t rule out a more expensive option because wedding favors are the cheapest expense for your entire wedding.

Halloween Favors & Wedding Edibles for Spooky Soirées

Oct 14, 2011

Doesn’t everyone love Halloween?  I certainly do:  there’s something about the cool weather, changing leaves, carving pumpkins, dressing up as whatever I want and eating a ton of candy that really brings back a lot of memories and reminds me that fall is in full swing.  Though I’ve attended many Halloween parties, I’ve always wanted to have one of my own – complete with the silly games of feeling wet noodles and thinking they’re brains, telling ghost stories and even creating my very own haunted house.  Of course, no party is complete without favors, and this season we’ve devoted an entire section to Halloween party favors.

From what I’ve seen, most hosts usually visit their local party store for favors for their freaky affair.  Goodie bags filled with candy and other spooky trinkets like spider rings and vampire fangs are classic, but if you really want to present your guests with something unique and memorable, you’re looking in the right place.  In true spirit, most of our Halloween favors are edible and designed with ghosts, Jack-o-lanterns and other familiar Halloween characters.  My favorites are our pumpkin design brownies (they’re soooo good!), marshmallow and krispy pops designed to look like ghosts, mummies, Frankenstein and much more.  We also offer an extensive line of personalized Halloween favors, like chocolates and maple syrup bottles.

You certainly don’t have to limit these favors to Halloween favors.  Haven’t you heard of a Halloween themed wedding?  Although I assume they’re won’t be many this year, as the holiday is on a Monday, I’ve seen it happen in the past.  Halloween definitely isn’t just for kids – you can tell all your guests to skip the heels, dresses and suits and wear their favorite costume.  You can use our tasty Halloween favors as wedding favors or wedding edibles, or use our unique broomstick place card holders to seat your guests.

Have a great weekend!  And I hope everyone enjoys this year’s Halloween too! – Kelsey

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Life Without Chocolate is No Life at All

Oct 13, 2011

If you’re like me – or any of the girls at Little Things – you love chocolate and candy.  Take a walk into our NJ showroom and you’ll find complimentary mint tins and a tray of Hershey kisses that we urge our customers to take.  But our back office is where we stash all the good stuff for ourselves:  imported Finnish chocolate, DumDum lolllipops, and currently, a fundraiser box of chocolate from Erica’s son that we’ve almost finished (it’s for a good cause!).  We also usually have some kind of cookie assortment, and rest assured most of our chocolate and edible wedding favors have been sampled by us, so if you’re looking for an honest opinion on a product, feel free to call!

Wedding chocolate and candy favors are a great choice to give away to your guests.  They may not be able to treasure it forever, but they’ll certainly enjoy it while it lasts.  Especially if you’re planning on purchasing something from us:  many of our chocolate favors, including our brownie pops (which are to die for), chocolate dipped rice krispy treats, and wedding cookies are all gourmet and made of the richest and finest chocolate.

Unless you have a knack for baking and creating, these aren’t the kinds of treats you typically make at home.  Our brownie pops are designed to look like a newly wedded couple, pumpkins and pears; our rice krispies look like bridesmaids’ dresses and even sushi!  And a lot of our other candy favors, like our lollipops, jellybean packs, gumball machines and mint tins can be personalized free of charge.  We also offer a large selection of Hershey’s chocolate products, including kisses, miniatures, chocolate bars, Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups and York peppermint patties.

Edible favors are a fantastic choice for your guests, and a unique one at that.  Feel free to contact us directly at 732-654-5262 to see if you can order samples!

Have fun indulging! – Kelsey


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Are Candle Wedding Favors Right For You?

Oct 11, 2011

Candle wedding favors have been on the market for a very long time, and are still popular among brides shopping for something suitable to coordinate with their wedding theme and to give away to their guests.  Personally, I am not a huge fan of candle favors.  Often, the candles are too small, not scented or only burn for a short amount of time.  Some wedding candles are even only for display – the packaging will tell you that they’re not meant for burning!  But candle favors have their benefits too.  There are so many different kinds, it’s incredibly easy to find one that is exactly what you’re looking for – especially if you’re searching for something that matches your color scheme or theme.  There are also many cheap candle favors available, which are great for low budgets.  I recommend using a checklist when contemplating purchasing candles as your wedding favors.

Beach Candles With Seashells

If you’re looking for something practical to give to your guests, candle favors may be out of the question for you.  I’ve attended too many weddings and showers where a candle was given as a favor and so many thrown away after the event or left on the tables – some people don’t even burn candles; others may not have a place for it in their home.  when I am a guest at a wedding or shower, I appreciate something practical that I can use, like a purse hook, a wine bottle stopper, coasters, even a letter opener.

Perhaps you have your heart absolutely set on giving candles as your favors.  Unless you’ve found something perfect for your event, narrow down your options a little.  What kind of candle is your favorite?  There are many types of candles to choose from – including many types of candle wedding favors:

- Wax Candles
- Soy Candles (great eco-friendly favors!)
- Gel Candles
- Votive Candles
- Tea light Candles in Holders
- Oil Candles
- Beeswax Candles (also eco-friendly)

I personally love soy candles because they smell so good, and gel candles because they’re often filled with something in the gel, such as seashells or flowers.

Be sure to do a little research when you find a candle you like.  I.E., make sure you can burn it!  Guests are likely to appreciate something they can actually burn rather than something that will just sit there – it’s much more practical.  Scented candles are especially yummy too – we have honey scented beehive candles that I absolutely love – they smell delicious!  Be sure to check out all of our candle wedding favors to find the right wedding candle for you – and our inexpensive candle wedding favors, where we have all of our candles under $1.00.  All of the candles featured above are on our website – they’re all my favorites!

Happy birthday to Kristi, our office manager here @ Little Things! <3 Kelsey

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How to Have a Tea Party

Oct 10, 2011

The trend of hosting a tea party for bridal showers is growing more popular every year.  I attended what is also known as a high tea, and it really is the perfect theme for a bridal shower:  the perfect combination of girly, chic, cute and elegant.

Tea parties are best to host during the late morning or early afternoon.  Most tea parties don’t include full course meals.  Instead, serve finger foods such as cheese and crackers, cookies, Biscotti, scones, petite fours, cupcakes (on a tier looks beautiful!), cucumber sandwiches, and even soup (French onion is my favorite!).

Puzzled as to where you should host your tea party?  If you’re looking for a venue, tea houses and tea rooms are becoming increasingly popular.  Do a little research to find the closest one in your area.  Of course, you can always host a tea party at someone’s home or any other venue you can find.  But tea houses provide a much more appropriate environment.  You’ll find a lot of them use antique teapots and tea sets – many of which don’t match for a creative, eclectic feel.

Of course, you’ll serve tea at your tea party!  If you’re hosting the affair at a tea house, you won’t have to worry too much about what tea you’ll serve or how to serve it – the tea house will take care of all of that, including the food.  But if you’re hosting the party at a home, consider having a tea bar.  Arrange hot water dispensers and a large variety of tea out for your guests to choose from.  Besides tea bags, you can serve loose tea with infusers handy as well – I’ve found most people haven’t had the chance of making their own tea with an infuser, and I personally find it more fun.

Don’t forget – you’ll need tea party favors!  Popular tea favors include tea infusers, but I recommend giving your guests a personalized tin of loose tea along with it, since most people use tea bags over loose tea.  Or you can send your guests along with a personalized tea bag, any other tea themed favor, or even some personalized Biscotti.

So invite all the ladies to put on their prettiest dresses – it’ll be just like playing tea party when you were little girls!

Hope this blog provided a lot of inspiration for anyone planning a bridal shower.  – Kelsey

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“Spike” Up Your Wedding with Lemonade-Inspired Drinks!

Oct 4, 2011

Your wedding doesn’t have to be in the summer for you and your guests to enjoy a nice cool glass of lemonade.  If you’re a lover of the warm-weather refresher, serve it up!  Lemonade is a classic American favorite.  You’ve heard of the coffee bar, so why not have a lemonade bar at your wedding if you love the stuff?  And you can “spike” things up by literally spiking the lemonade with alcohol!

Here are some great ways to serve up lemonade at your wedding – with a twist, of course!


Vodka with Lemonade – You don’t have to just add vodka to the lemonade.  For a stronger drink, prepare the lemonade with vodka instead of water.

Gin Bowl – One can of frozen lemonade, 12 ounces of gin and one 2 liter bottle of club soda mixed together in a bowl with ice is a tangy treat.  This drink should be made right before served!  Slice up a few lemons and limes to float on the top.

Beer & Lemonade – Known as a radler in Germany and a shandy in England, this drink is half beer, half lemonade.  Easy to make and great for the usual non-beer drinkers.

Electric Lemonade – Though there are many recipes for this one, but this is how I personally make the drink.  You can use a blender if you’d like:  combine 1 1/4 oz. vodka (Absolut Citron is the best!) with 1/2 oz. Blue Curacao, 2 oz. Sweet & Sour and a splash of Seven Up.  Serve over ice and garnish with a lemon slice, cherry and mint.

These alcoholic lemonade drinks will definitely be great conversation starters!  After all, when life hands you lemons…add alcohol!  Don’t forget to give your guests these lemonade mix favors to take home – they can make their very own instant lemonade, and add alcohol too (optional).

Happy drinking! <3 Kelsey

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