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A Honey Themed Wedding

Sep 30, 2011

Many of our honey themed wedding favors boast that your love is “as sweet as can bee” – just like honey!  A honey themed wedding is a great idea, even for those who don’t love honey.  I personally love honey, so for me, a honey themed wedding would not only be cute but a reflection of my personality as well.  Here are some great ideas:

A honey themed wedding would be best to host in the spring or early fall when the weather is not too warm yet not too chilly either.  Since honey is often used in the morning in tea, on toast, etc., this is a great idea for those who are not having a wedding in the evening and even better if the wedding is outside.  After all, honey is derived from bees, and bees live outside…you get the picture, right?

You can incorporate the color of amber in many ways:  the bridesmaid dresses, your eye makeup, even the flowers (mums, tiger lilies, carnations).  Amber is a warm color, and if you have your wedding in the early fall, will coordinate beautifully with the natural colors of the changing leaves.

Your food, of course, should also have honey!  There are so many ways to incorporate honey into your food:  honey glazed ham, toast with honey, honey in tea, honey buns – whatever you can think of, or whatever you enjoy eating honey with.

And of course, your wedding favors can also reflect honey.  You could fill your own mason jars with honey, top them with a vintage-inspired cloth and seal the jar with a ribbon, rubber band and/or personalized tag.  Check out our honey wedding favors for personalized honey jars, honey scented candles, and much more!

<3 Kelsey

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Cappuccino Recipes & Ideas for Your Wedding

Sep 23, 2011

Cappuccino is a delicious drink, and with fall rolling in, the perfect way to warm up in the chilly weather!  Of course, you can always take a trip to your local Starbucks to get a little pick-me-up, but if you’re a true coffee lover with an espresso machine, why not make your very own cappuccino right at home?  Here are some great cappuccino recipes for you to enjoy this season – at home or at your wedding!

Making a cappuccino is really very simple, but some say it takes practice to get it just right.  Simply brew an espresso, add an equivalent amount of hot milk, then milk foam to the top and voila – a delicious cappuccino!  Of course, not all of us have an espresso machine right in our kitchen, so instant cappuccino is always a great alternative – you can purchase a mix at a grocery store and simply add hot water.

You can always make an iced cappuccino, a wet cappuccino (with more milk) or a dry cappuccino (with less milk) to change it up.  Or, you can add a tablespoon of hot cocoa mix for a more delectable drink.  And you can always add some flavored syrups to the drink, such as caramel, mocha or even pumpkin for something really original!

Create a cappuccino bar at your wedding with different syrup flavors, chocolate shavings, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and much more for your guests to create their own special cappuccino.  You can even hire an experienced barista (that’s Italian for “bartender”) to create beautiful latte art into the foam at the top – such as a heart, leaves for your autumn affair, or even your monogram initials!

Check out our cappuccino favors for personalized packets of the drink mix to give your guests.  You may even want to pair them up with our personalized Biscotti cookies, which can be found with our cookie wedding favors – after all, cappuccino originated in Italy too!

Happy autumn! – Kelsey

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How To Make DIY Hot Cocoa Favors

Sep 22, 2011

With fall starting tomorrow, the perfect drink to celebrate this glorious season, is of course hot cocoa.  For fall and winter weddings, hot cocoa favors or a hot chocolate bar (“spiked” with alcohol, of course!) is the perfect solution to warm your guests on those chilly evenings.   For those do-it-yourself brides who want to give their guests a custom and homemade favor, here is a great idea: personalized DIY hot chocolate favors!

Simply follow our favorite hot chocolate recipe by mixing the dry ingredients together and diving them into batches.  Our hot chocolate recipe on our site (link above) is designed for 4 servings, so just mix the ingredients together and divide by 4 to get a serving size.  And include a card or tag instructing your guests to add the remaining wet ingredients at home (milk, a touch of half and half and vanilla extract).  You could also include in your pre-made hot chocolate recipe, marshmallows, small chocolate chips or chocolate shavings for toppings.

To package your hot cocoa favors, you could use clear plastic cones with ribbons and tags found in craft stores, or you can present them in one of the following adorable jars which would be perfect to hold a serving of the pre-made mix.  These jars come with free personalized stickers, which you could use for your names and date or an adorable message.These jars are quite substantial in size and aren’t your average “candy” jars which are sold – they are approximately 3″ tall x 2″ wide and make a lovely solution to holding your mix.  The glass jars are $1.25 each and the ceramic jars with spoons are $2.75 each.  Of course your guests can reuse them over and over again in their kitchens to hold spices, salt or sugar or other loose items.  If making these isn’t on your to-do list, we also offer fall and winter pre-made packets for personalized hot cocoa favors – check one more item off your wedding list today!

Edit: 10/22 – I just found the most delicious sounding Pumpkin Spice Recipe and I had to share.  Go to to read more!

Edit 10/22 – I also found a yummy Caramel Corn Hot Chocolate Recipe here: click the link to read it!


Wedding Coffee Bar & Coffee Favors

Sep 15, 2011

Here at Little Things, we love coffee probably more than weddings.  Well, no, we love weddings, coffee though, probably runs a close second.  If you are anything like us, our Keurig machine is ever brewing an assortment of regular and flavored coffee, and even brewing tea.  Occasionally, in the winter, we’ll toss in some hot cocoa for good measure.  Out of all of the employees here, I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t drink coffee.

Even if you aren’t a coffee addict like we are here, I’m sure there are occasions you do drink coffee – which makes coffee and tea a perfect entertainment item for your fall or winter wedding.  We’ve heard of the candy bar, the cigar bar, the ice cream bar – I have even heard of an old fashioned soda bar for a wedding reception idea! How about a coffee / tea / hot beverage bar for your upcoming nuptials?

A hot beverage bar is perfect for warming up your guests on chilly fall evenings or freezing winter afternoons.  Nothing will warm up your guests like a delicious, hot drink!  A coffee / hot beverage bar is easier than you think to incorporate into your wedding. Start by having your reception location provide a large enough table with urns filled with coffee and hot water.  You can even hire someone to man an espresso / cappuccino machine.

At the table be sure to provide

  • Different Types of Coffee (Full, Decaf, Espresso, Cappuccino)
  • Different Hot Beverages (Tea, Hot Cocoa, Apple Cider)
  • Different Types of Syrups
  • Different Types of Toppings (Powdered Chocolate, Cinnamon, Nutmeg)
  • Different Types of Sweeteners (Don’t forget heart shaped sugar cubes!)
  • Different Types of Milk (Fat Free, Whole, Half n Half)

When Can You Use A Hot Beverage Bar?

  • At the cocktail hour for those who choose not to drink
  • At a brunch reception
  • During the reception, some people prefer coffee right after dinner and don’t like waiting until the dessert course. (Or if you are like me, I like coffee before AND after my dinner).  This is also good for those who want to warm up if they are cold (or just came in from outside) or if they don’t drink alcoholic drinks.
  • While the bridal party is getting ready, or at an post-wedding all night party, or the day after brunch

Of course, there are plenty of ideas to keep your wedding pumped full of caffeine – from coffee brown bridesmaids dresses, to personalized coffee favors, coffee cups, coffee scoops, espresso cups or even coffee scented candles – you’re wedding will be good to the last drop!

– Love, Erica & The Coffee Lover’s at Team Little Things

Will E-Readers Replace Books and Libraries?

Sep 12, 2011

Call me an old lady (I’m the ripe old age of 33) but my e-reader will never replace my personal book collection, unless of course they stop printing books.  Even then, I think I would browse antique stores looking for a good book to add to my collection.  I love flipping pages of a book, I love getting lost in the story, anxiously scanning the pages.  I love the smell of books, especially old books.  I love letting my friends borrow books (even though I occasionally, never get them back).  I love picking up the copy of my copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales from 1973 which was written to me from my now deceased grandmother whom I adored.  It brings tears to my eyes and good memories every time I pick it up.   I hunted online once for my favorite childhood book, Lamont the Lonely Monster, published by Hallmark in 1970, which is now a rare collectable, and purchased it just for sentimental value.  I handed down my Strawberry Shortcake Cooking Cookbook to my son, and I loved looking though the pages and seeing my handwriting in it from when I was 6 (his age now). Books hold valuable memories, something that an e-reader will never be able to replace.

I have been known to go to my nearest Barnes and Noble, grab a cup of Starbucks and spend hours browsing the shelves looking for a good book.  Recently, I was in BN and staring at the “Spiritual Romance” section.  What was a “Spiritual Romance” exactly? I had no idea, but as I browsed the shelves a woman approached me also looking in the same section.  “Did you ever read any of Karen Kingsbury?” she asked me.  “No I haven’t,” I responded.  But we had a 20 minute conversation about her books.   It was a very serendipitous moment, and I wound up purchasing her book, Redemption. This type of interaction is also something that an e-reader will never be able to replace.

I always wanted a home library like the one in Beauty in the Beast, or the ones from Victorian Times, but since I do lean toward the modern and the contemporary, a library like the one above, in color or alphabetical order, filled with a comfy couch, blanket, my dogs, a cup of tea (and hopefully a fireplace) would be heaven to me.  There is just something so cozy and inviting about curling up to a good book.  I am sure I am not the first one to say this, and probably not the last.  Imagine a library room with no books, just a lonely e-reader on the side table.  Where is the character?

However, I do have an e-reader.  They are great to carry a few books at a time with you on vacation – especially now days when airlines have such strict weight regulations.  And of course they do cut down on the clutter of having books all over your home.  But you can’t take an e-reader with you while you are enjoying a candle-lit bubble bath, or at the beach (if you are concerned about the heat and sand), a hot tub, or pool.  While e-readers have their advantages, they still don’t stack up to a real book!

If you are a book lover like me, I’m sure you devour several books at once.  The one thing I can never get enough of are bookmarks.  If I was to get married again, I would definitely consider giving out a favorite book with a bookmark attached to a favorite passage.  Or I would use one of our bookmark favors to attach a favorite recipe or use them to hold my seating assignments.  Bookmarks are just as collectible as books, especially for bibliophiles.  Even those on your list who aren’t voracious readers will be sure to get use out of this practical and memorable favor.  I will continue to read my books and one day I hope to have my own little library in my house complete with my favorite reads, multiple bookmarks and my e-reader.

Happy reading!

- Erica