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How Would You Trash Your Wedding Dress?

Jun 24, 2011

Yesterday, the girls at Little Things Wedding Favors and I were talking, and somehow got onto the topic of ruining the wedding gown – otherwise known as “trashing the dress.”  Immediately, I thought, “what a great idea for a blog!”  So here I am, about to tell you some great ideas for trashing the dress if you’re planning on doing it after your wedding…or even if you weren’t planning on it.

1.  Running away to a tropical beach for your honeymoon?  Got room in your luggage?  Nix the bathing suit for the first day:  take a swim in the gown.  Water is the most popular way to trash the dress, whether you’re jumping off a cliff in Jamaica or just standing in the waves while they crash at the shore.

2.  Burn it.  This is probably a little more difficult, daring and dangerous to do though.  You may want to make sure you have the property to do it, or a fire pit, and a hose nearby.  So if you can do it, douse the dress in lighter fluid and drop a match.

3.  Get down and dirty.  Roll in the mud, ladies!  It’ll be a fun time, and you can give the expression “as happy as a pig in mud” a whole new meaning.

4.  Are you and your beau artists?  Or do you just want to make a mess?  You and your hubby can have a paint war!  Grab a couple of cans and splatter away.  Or create a masterpiece with spray paint on the gown.

How did you trash your dress?  Or how would you trash your dress?  We’d love to hear your unique ideas – please comment and share!

Have a great weekend!

<3 Kelsey

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Life’s a Party! Mix it Up with Beverage Wedding Favors

Jun 23, 2011

This week we’re offering 20% off all of our personalized drink mixes – this includes coffee packs, cocktail mixes, hot chocolate, cappuccino, lemonade, tea bags, tea tins, tea disks, and apple cider mixes.  So whether you’re looking to warm up your winter wedding with hot cocoa or whip up some margaritas at your backyard BBQ, beverage wedding favors are perfect for all occasions.  And we’ve got some great ideas to make them even more unique then their original design options and free personalization.

Coffee Wedding Favors – All of our coffee packs are filled with a fine blend of coffee grinds, but you can make them even more appealing by pairing them with a coffee scoop, or even displaying them in personalized coffee mugs.  It’ll be the perfect blend of favors at your wedding.

Cocktail Mixes – A fine choice for bridal showers and bachelorette parties, these will go great with a handy martini shaker, or even a cocktail themed favor, such as a girly manicure kit or clever luggage tag.  Available in both cosmopolitan and margarita!

Personalized Tea Favors – I personally think a tea party is an adorable theme for a bridal shower, and we have a bunch of tea themed favors that would go great with a personalized tea bag, tin, or disk.  Your personalized tea may brew a fine cup, but a teapot kitchen timer will always be there to remind your guests of your special day.  If you’re giving out loose tea, a tea infuser will make it the perfect pair.  You may even want to throw a jar of personalized honey in a matching design.  Yum!

Using the coupon code Drink20 at checkout will save you 20% off personalized beverage favors.  Or you can use Drink10 for 10% off anything on our site.  Hurry and save while you can – sale ends Saturday, June 25th.

<3 Kelsey

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What’s New at Little Things

Jun 15, 2011

It’s been over a month since I’ve blogged, but we’ve been busy little beavers here at Little Things, with busy wedding season rolling in and all.  I would imagine Team Little Things preparing for busy wedding season compares to Santa & his elves preparing for Christmas, but instead of making toys and wrapping presents, we’re trying to spruce up our site and showroom, and get as many new wedding favors out there as we can.  If you’ve been shopping our site often and paying close attention, you may notice some things we’re trying out to not only make the wedding experience more fun for you brides, but overall, more efficient.

Here’s some new things that have been going on at Little Things lately:

Weekly Deals & Steals – Every week, we change our promotion.  Most of the time you’ll find a 20% discount off a specific section on our site, or just a 10% site wide coupon, but this week we’re running an extra special list of coupons to choose from in honor of our 8th anniversary.  Check out the site to find out more!

Facebook Giveaways – If you haven’t done it already, go “like” us on Facebook!  By doing so, you’ll see a giveaway every Wednesday for one lucky bride.  Our prizes range from anything like tiaras to full blown wedding collections.  All you have to do is comment on the post and wait 24 hours until we pick a winner.

Squidoo Lens of the Day – Nikita tries to posts lenses as often as she can, most of the time focusing on a specific wedding theme and recommending a bunch of fun ideas and wedding favors to incorporate with that theme.

Best Sellers & New Arrivals – We just updated both of these sections:  if you’re shopping our best sellers, you’ll find that these are the most up-to-date and trending items right now.  Our new arrivals section (for both favors and accessories) have also been cut down, considering all those pages were probably a little overwhelming.  So this is completely beneficial for your brides who like to be in the know of what’s hot.

International Shipping - Though we partnered with Bongo International quite a while ago now, it seems that more brides from all over the world are shopping our site.  We used to be limited to which countries we could ship to, but this new partnership has allowed us to ship pretty much anywhere, and is much safer for everyone involved.  Check out the banner of flags at the bottom of our website for more details.

Beverage Wedding Favors - A lot of our beverage favors, like personalized hot cocoa, lemonade, and coffee (basically any of those with item code prefix LDD, excluding honey jars) now have tier pricing available – which means the more you order, the cheaper it gets.  And for these particular items, you now have the option of paying a small extra fee to get them shipped assembled (that means no more slaving away and sticking labels on your favors).  These items also ship out fairly quickly, so if you’re in a bind, feel free to call us so we can try to accommodate your needs.

I’m trying to get all that needs to be done on the site taken care of, so I can go back to blogging regularly.  I miss it!

Hope all is well with all our readers.  <3 Kelsey

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