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Incorporating Pets into Your Wedding

Oct 29, 2010

I, as well as the other girls here at Little Things, absolutely love animals.  Erica owns three Shih Tzus, I own two Shorkies (Shih Tzu / Yorkie), as well as a Pomeranian / Chihuahua, Kristi has a Yorkie, and Jessica owns a Malti-Poo.  If you’re a dog or even a cat owner, you know that they become a part of the family.  A wedding is a large celebration, and who do you invite?  Your closest friends and family, of course.  So why not have your pets be a part of the wedding too?

Wedding etiquette has certainly evolved, and today man’s best friend can turn into your best man for a day.  Or your flower “pet,” or even your ring bearer (by using this clever Pet Ring Ring Pillow).  Yes, it has become very popular for couples to incorporate their pets into their weddings!  Is your furry friend going to be standing by your side on the big day as your best man or maid of honor?  Then be sure to spruce them up in this “Best Pet” Wedding Bow.  Hey, Carrie Underwood did it!  But if you’re going the human route, instead dress them up in this wedding bandana.  This adorable keepsake bandanna states ten matter-of-fact reasons why they should have been the one standing by your side.

If your dog or cat is just attending your wedding as a guest, be sure he dresses appropriately in this pet tuxedo.  Or perhaps they’re the ones getting married–we’re not kidding around; people do send their pets up to the altar to get hitched!  You can even host your wedding ceremony or reception at a pet friendly venue for your pooch guests.  Some people may think this modern custom to be a bit on the strange side.  But here at Little Things we believe in and support true love no matter what!

Have a great weekend!  PS – Be sure to check out all our hot new wedding favors.  <3 Kelsey

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Warm Wedding Favors for the Cold Days Ahead

Oct 22, 2010

It’s starting to get chilly here in New Jersey, and the girls and I are doing our best to try and stay warm.  No longer is the air conditioning or the window open in our office.  We’re bringing out our furry boots, scarves and sweaters, and keeping nice and toasty with coffee and hot chocolate.  Last month, brides began buying their wedding favors for their winter weddings.  Beverage wedding favors consist of some of our most popular favors, and for winter we have hot drinks that are the perfect remedy for the cold weather.

One of the obsessions among all Little Things employees is coffee.  Whether it’s a strong blend, hazelnut or french vanilla, we cannot resist!  A couple of us also favor hot chocolate.  We offer delicious personalized hot drink mixes such as coffee (which we have all sampled here – and it is delicious!), cappuccino, hot cocoa and tea (all are offered with the same designs).  Additionally, we offer loose tea in tins, and round tea bags in discs with different personalization options.  Finally, and our newest addition, is our hot apple cider mix.  The packets are available with an optional whisk, and aren’t just available with wedding designs–you can choose specific labels for your fall, winter or Las Vegas themed wedding too.  We also offer other hot chocolate and cappuccino in the same apple cider designs as well.

In addition to all the yummy drinks, we have similar favors that you may want to coordinate with the drink mixes:

Coffee - Coffee scoops, coasters & mugs.

Cappuccino - Coasters & candles.

Hot Cocoa – Brown hot chocolate mugs.

Tea - Tea infusers, teapot timers, & favor boxes/place card holders.

Be sure to check out all of our beverage wedding favors to browse through all of the favors mentioned above and much more.  And if you’re looking for wedding favors for the upcoming seasons, we also have fall / autumn wedding favors and winter wedding favors.  Some of the stuff is really unique, like personalized silk fall leaf petals, best selling leaf bottle stoppers, and pumpkin design brownies for the current season.  There’s also personalized snow globes, snowflake design Rice Krispies, and heart shaped hand warmers for the even colder months that are soon to come.

Happy shopping!  Have a great weekend! <3 Kelsey

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A Gothic Wine Theme Wedding

Oct 20, 2010

Every month here at our Little Things showroom in Sayreville, NJ, we change out our display windows.  We pick a theme, and usually try to incorporate it with the current month or season.  This month we’ve chosen a Gothic Wine theme display.  Since we’re very limited on Halloween themed favors (though we have a lot of orange, there’s not a lot of pumpkins or ghoul-ish favors), we decided to go with a purple color scheme with lots of purple, black and silver favors.  We were also able to incorporate a lot of our most popular wine theme wedding favors.

We started off by looking for centerpiece and window accents.  We hung black paper chandeliers from the ceiling, and found a twisted, branch-like wine rack and filled it with black red wine bottles – one is even called Vampire!  We also found a candelabra-esque piece covered in tiny black and purple beads.  A glitterly, silver skull head, faux grapes and big purple pumpkins complete the table decorations.  The place settings sit atop a black table cloth, silver runner, and purple place mats.  All of the place settings are neatly topped with black napkins in silver holders.

We scatter some of our most popular wine wedding favors and purple wedding favors around the windows.  We even took a video of the window and posted it up on YouTube!  You can check the video out here.  Special thanks to Erica for taping it, and to me for doing all the talking!

Other great wine wedding favors that weren’t featured in our window or the video include stemless wine glasses, which are one of our most popular wine themed favors.  Wine bottle stoppers, coasters, and wine charms are also favorites of all the girls here in the office.

Happy Wednesday!  <3 Kelsey

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Fall in Love, or Fall in Chocolate?

Oct 19, 2010

In our Little Things office, we absolutely adore chocolate.  I myself am a self-diagnosed chocoholic (I definitely have 1+ chocolate fixes per day), and the rest of the girls love it just as much as I do.  In fact, I’m actually eating a chocolate brownie as I write this blog!  Whenever Erica visits Finland, she brings back Fazer chocolate, which we’re all obsessed with.  Other favorites of ours include molten chocolate cake, and chocolate fondue.  Plus, there’s always hot chocolate by the coffee maker.  Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world.  That’s why chocolate wedding favors are some of our best selling favors!

Instead of worrying about whether or not your guests will save the candle wedding favor, put a photo in the place card holder, or use the bottle stopper you gave, give them something you know won’t go to waste.  That’s why edible favors are such a great idea.  Who doesn’t love to eat?  Sure there’s candy, but majority of people will probably prefer a chocolate dipped fudge brownie to a tin of mints.  Below you’ll find some of the great chocolate wedding favors Little Things has to offer:

1.  Brownie Wedding Favors – These are definitely one of our most popular wedding favors.  These delectable brownies are a soft, chewy fudge dipped in a creamy chocolate, and designed to coordinate with your wedding.  With designs such as filigree scrolls, flowers, monograms, and even brides & grooms, you’re bound to find something that you like.  But no matter what design you choose, the brownies are going to taste delicious no matter what!

2.  Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies – These are just as delicious as the brownies, though a little bit pricier.  But the designs are so intricate and beautiful, you may not be able to resist.  With Rice Krispies cut and decorated like wedding gowns, tiered cakes, flowers, lobsters & lighthouses, snowflakes & snowmen, and even sushi…well, they’re definitely one of a kind.

3.  Personalized Hershey Chocolate Candy Bars & Wrappers – Choose from standard Hershey Bars (1.55 oz. of creamy milk chocolate), Hershey’s miniatures (in a variety of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Krackel & Mr. Goodbar) and Hershey’s Kisses.  All are offered with the same classic wedding designs, some exclusive designs–that can only be found here at Little Things!–and free personalization.  We also have holiday, birthday, quinceanera, sweet sixteen, and designs for religious events as well.  And for lower budgets & DIY favors, we also sell just the Hershey bar and miniatures wrappers.

4.  Gourmet Cookies – From Oreos, fortune cookies, graham crackers, Nutter Butters and biscotti, each of these yummy cookies are dipped in chocolate and designed beautifully.  From classic bride & groom designs, monograms, flowers, pumpkins, and even photo cookies, these delicious treats are sure to have your guests’ mouths watering.

5.  Personalized Hot Cocoa – Many of these are available printed in the same designs as the Personalized Hershey’s Chocolate mentioned above.  But we also offer a couple of other hot cocoa packets with different designs and packaging – some are even available with an optional whisk!  We also have adorable hot chocolate mugs that you can give to your guests along with the hot cocoa.  It makes a great winter wedding favor!

Which would you prefer:  falling in love, or falling in chocolate?  Well, when you use chocolate wedding favors at your wedding, you get the best of both worlds.

Enjoy your week, everyone!  <3 Kelsey

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Wedding Favors for Every Culture

Oct 15, 2010

Here at Little Things, we believe in diversity. I’m Irish & Italian, Kristi is Polish & German, Alecia is a self-proclaimed “mutt”  (with German, Italian, Irish & English in her blood), Erica is German & Russian, Ben is Puerto Rican & African American, and Jessica is Colombian & Dominican. We’re all about embracing other cultures: Alecia’s boyfriend is Egyptian, and she’s having a great time feeling out new customs. There’s a lot of new food, music and people she’s recently filled her life with. Erica’s heart lies in Finland, where she’s been visiting back and forth for the past three years. Not only do our personal lives reflect our interest in other cultures, but the wedding favors we sell do too.

Little Things Favors is designed for easy navigation and simple searching for favors. This is by color, price, season and most popularly: by theme. Lately we’ve been talking about and beginning to expand our selection of ethnic wedding favors. If you’re ever visiting our website, you’ll see we have sections dedicated to specific favors such as Irish, Asian, Indian – even French wedding favors (see our Paris section). Here’s a sneak peek at what each section has in store for you:

Irish - There’s lots of green, and shamrocks for the luck of the Irish! We have old time Irish blessing poems printed on plantable seed cards or sold separately with pewter pocket clovers to ensure good luck. Instead of silk rose petals, why not go with personalized silk shamrock rose petals? There’s even Irish wedding collections.

Asian - Cherry blossom or double happiness themed favors, as well as chopsticks, fortune cookies, fans and eco-friendly favors made of bamboo. We offer a beautiful cherry blossom wedding collection, and Asian inspired cake toppers as well.

Indian - The newest addition to our wedding favors by theme, and it’s full of beautiful colors such as deep reds and pretty gold hues. Our “Lucky Elephant” favors are best selling, and we love the paisley designs on some of our favors. We also have gorgeous mirrored golden lac boxes intricately detailed with beads. Don’t forget to check out our Indian cake toppers too!

French - Paris themed weddings are extremely popular, but if you’re just trying to show off your roots there are great favors here for you. In addition to our damask and fleur de lis themed favors, we have the cutest place card holders modeled after the Eiffel tower (a best seller!). There’s also mint tins, bookmarks, keychains and more designed after the same beautiful landmark.

Hope you decide to check out more of our wedding favors by theme. Have a great weekend! <3 Kelsey

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Quote of the Day

Oct 11, 2010

My heart to you is given: oh, do give yours to me; we’ll lock them up together, and throw away the key.” ~Frederick Saunders

Ah, love poems and quotes. Here at our showroom in Sayreville, NJ, we adore them. We have quotes on our walls in the office/showroom, and every day our facebook is updated with a love quote.

I myself love quotes and am constantly searching for them to update my own profile with. Today, when thinking of a blog topic, I remembered reading Erica’s wedding poem post back in April. So I decided to find a sweet poem or quote relevant to not only love, but weddings as well.

The poem above is not only the writer expressing his undying love to his beau, but asking for theirs in return and proposing a marriage. After all, “lock them up together” must mean getting married. How else do you ensure true love? Throwing away the key is definitely something you do in marriage as well, since once you marry there is no turning back (yes, I know, there’s divorce, but that’s not the point).

Love quotes are also a nice touch if you’re writing your own vows. Some of the best speeches in history are ended with a quote, so why not end yours with one? Sometimes members of the bridal party volunteer to read a poem at the ceremony, too. These are great ways to incorporate quotes and poems into your wedding.

I’m still on the hunt for finding my favorite love quote. I asked the girls in the office if they had a favorite, and Alecia told me this:

“Now join your hands, and with your hands, your hearts.” ~William Shakespeare

Though not intended for love, but more for marriage, she thinks it sounds pretty (and I agree). What’s your favorite love quote?

We’re here not only to assist you with wedding favors, but with accessories – even love advice! (haha.)

Happy birthday to Kristi!  Enjoy your week, everyone.  <3 Kelsey

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Affordable Cake Toppers for Low-Budgets

Oct 5, 2010

With the economy the way it is, it’s no surprise that people are trying to cut back and save money. Though no matter how bad the economy is, it sure doesn’t stop couples from saying “I do!” But Little Things Favors understands that times are tough, and that’s why we have a low price guarantee, and try to make navigation easier for you by organizing our cheaper items for you.

Wedding cake toppers are among the most popular of wedding accessories, and we’ve narrowed down our lowest priced ones in our Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers section. Though our porcelain, hand painted couple cake toppers are favorites with brides, they’re a lot pricier than one constructed of resin.  So when brides come in on a budget, we know exactly which ones to recommend to them. Here are our top five picks:

1. Personalized Acrylic Heart Cake Top – (shown left) At only $25.00 with personalization included, you can’t go wrong with this popular piece. The acrylic is clean and clear, and two hearts float just above your names & event date. Personalize it with an interlocking script monogram as an alternative.

2. Photo Wedding Cake Topper - The perfect way to reflect your personalities and the two of you together–the two of you literally on top of the cake! This makes a great keepsake post wedding, as it’s a photo holder.

3. Porcelain Interlocking Heart Cake Topper – The perfect recommendation for last minute ordering–we can ship this out either the same or next day after the order is placed. At only $12.00, it’s affordable and fast.

4. Kissing, Dancing, or HoldingCouple – Each are $25.00, and ship out fairly quickly. The sleek design is perfect for the modern couple. Made of resin; a great price for the fine quality.

5. Love’s Embrace Wedding Cake Top – This doesn’t have to necessarily match a calla lily theme; the calla lilies are a nice accent on this modernized cake topper. Only $22.90.

Wedding cake toppers are the most popular wedding accessory on the market. Check out our site for our wide variety of them and wedding favors.

Rain, rain, go away… :( It’s a dreary Tuesday here @ Little Things. Still, all my love! <3 Kelsey

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