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New Fashioncraft Tag & Personalization Designs

Jun 30, 2009

Fashioncraft has updated there offerings on there personalized tags and personalized expressions items. Now all items have 234 designs, and 30 different color options.  As we make this transition over the course of the following week, you’ll have all these great choices to select from. There are designs for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties, birthday parties, religious events and so much more!

Please bear in mind though, that all personalized tags are printed exactly as you request in the colors and designs shown.  Personalized tags are included in a separate envelope in your order and you must attach these by hand to your favors.

“I Don’t Want Assigned Seating!”

Jun 13, 2009

"Please Be Seeded" Cherry Blossom Plantable Seed Place Cards

"Please Be Seeded" Cherry Blossom Plantable Seed Place Cards

As a wedding expert, I cringe when I hear brides (or read about them) stating that they want open seating for their reception.

Open seating is every guest’s nightmare and it also will prevent you from having a smooth flowing reception.

But hey if you’re a fan of chaos, disorganization and unhappy guests, this may be the option for you!

Putting my sarcasm aside, I would like you to think about being in a crowded cafeteria looking for your friends or searching for an open table.  It’s nearly an  impossible feat.  Or have you ever been at a table, already seated – when someone comes over and asks everyone to shift their chairs so they can fit?  It’s annoying and disrupting – especially if you are already eating.

Now think about your reception – what if you’re groom’s obnoxious fraternity brothers storm in first and snatch up the front tables leaving your grandmother to sit in the back?  What if your friends who don’t know anyone – are left to sit at a table alone?  It doesn’t make it a fun time for your guests – and your guests’ feelings should be of uptmost importance.

While some couples think open seating is fun – it’s really not.  If you leave it to chance you will have half empty tables, overcrowded tables, some guests dining with strangers and some guests dining alone.  All of which will disrupt your wedding flow and your wedding feel.

You’re guests are like sheep – they want to be led – by you! Unless you’re having a cocktail reception where there are no seats, it is in good taste to assign tables (you don’t have to assign seats, but tables are mandatory!)

If you don’t want to go through the expense of place card holders or frames – don’t.  But do splurge on inexpensive place cards (you can buy bulk packs at most craft stores for pennies).  Or you can even puchase inexpensive place cards like the cherry blossom ones above – which also double as your wedding favors.

Napkins That Will Stand Up For You!

Jun 11, 2009

Unique Bridal Cocktail Napkins

Unique Bridal Cocktail Napkins

It’s A Napkin and it stands up!  It’s useful and is serves as pretty table decor.  And I couldn’t be more excited to show these unique wedding napkins off to you!  These are innovated little naps, folded just perfectly into a shape which stands up.

With chic, modern designs and made in the USA of recycled materials and printed with all natural soy based inks – this eco-friendly product is not only trendy but instyle as well!

Simply place one at each place setting for unique (and inexpensive) table decor.  Each napkin stands 6.5″ tall.

And we have designs for cocktail parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, wine themed events, holidays and more!

These napkins were the 2009 Winner of the NY National Stationary show for best new design and received the Top 10 New Product Award in Canada.

Love to entertain?  Having a Birthday Party?  We have themed napkins for you as well.  Whether you are celebrating a wedding or a 1st Birthday – these fun designs are sure to fit in with your decor and theme.

Unique Wedding Theme Napkins (In Pink or Blue)

Unique Wedding Theme Napkins (In Pink or Blue)

Shown here are our Chic Cocktail and Wine Theme Napkins and our Bride & Groom Wedding Napkins which I was first drawn too.  The cocktail napkins remind me of something Sex and The City – very modern, hip and chic.  I was handed one of the bride and groom napkins as a “take home” sample” from the NY Stationary show last month and it has been propped up on my office desk.  She’s really pretty in her blue dress and is perfect for that “something blue” touch or as bridal shower decor.

And since these napkins are so eco-friendly – I just had to add them to our Little Things product line!  I’m a sucker for eco-chic products – I love all natural designs and earth friendly materials.

And I adore the fact that this product is made in the good ‘ol USA.  I love buying domestic and supporting our families and our economy here at home.

The office is a bit hectic today – so I bid you farewell until next time!

~ Erica :)

Get Color Inspired!

Jun 8, 2009


Paint chips and strips for your wedding colors?  Who knew?  Get inspired for your wedding color palette by visiting a local paint shop or your friendly big box home store.  By selecting a palette of paint chips you can easily see which colors go best with each other, get great ideas for base colors and accent colors, and have really cheap swatches to bring with you to all your bridal appointments.

Shown above is a wonderful and popular fall wedding palette for Fall 2009 weddings.  Deep hues of purples are all over – it lends itself to a certain richness and gives a sense of royalty and grandeur!  Deep purples can be paired with lovely reds or accents of orange.  I can just picture a beautiful fall floral arrangement with purples and oranges – very chic!

So now that you’ve found your colors, grab several of them – drop one off at your florist, one at your catering hall, bring one with you when shopping for dresses and accessories.  This way all of your vendors know exactly what colors you are looking for and everything will blend together beautifully!  How’s that for a wedding idea? :)

Happy Monday to you!

Erica :)

How To Tell Friends They Are Not Invited

Jun 7, 2009


In a perfect world (kinda like the picture above, I would imagine) none of your friends or co-workers would put you on the spot and ask if they are invited to your wedding.  But in reality, it happens.

With the current economic situation, you may be scaling down your guest list and that’s OK!  Gone are the times of super-sized guests lists.  Now, more than ever couples are including their families and close friends only – sometimes even cutting out their extended families to save cash.

Here are 4 great ideas on what to say if you’re put into an awkward situation.

If you’re having a small wedding say: “We really wish we could invite all of our friends, but we’ve decided to keep the wedding as an intimate family affair.”

If the above isn’t entirely true, but your friend didn’t make the cut say:  “Since we have large extended families, our guest list is relatives only.”

If your paying, blame it on the economy: “Because we’re paying for the wedding ourselves, we’ve had to cut down on the size of the event so it is more afforable for us.”

If  you’re parents are paying, blame them: ” ___ and ___ are footing the bill and I need to stick to their budget and heat count, so unfortunately I can’t invite everyone I’d like to.”

White House Well Wishes

Jun 6, 2009


President Obama may be too busy traveling the world and fixing our economy to dance at your wedding like they did at the Inaugural Ball, but if you invite the Obamas to your wedding they’ll send you a congratulatory note.  Which I think is a pretty darn cool keepsake for your wedding day!

Send your invite to:

The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama, The White House Greetingss Office, Room 39, 1600 Pennsylavania Avenue, Washington DC 20500

Or you can fax it to: 202-395-1232

Personalized Cocktail Mixes – 10% Off Month Of June!

Jun 5, 2009

Monogrammed Cocktail Mixes

Monogrammed Cocktail Mixes

Shaken or stirred – cocktails are at the heart of every adult party.  Whether it be a backyard BBQ, a luau themed bash, a cocktail party or an upscale wedding with signature drinks – cocktails go with parties like peanut butter goes with jelly.  Whether you are socializing with friends at a casual event or networking and schmoozing at a function – chances are you probably have a drink in hand.

What better way to send off your guests and say “thank you” then by giving them a personalized packet or two (or maybe 3 and 4, depends on how much you like your friends :) ) of personalized cocktail mixes?

If you’re like me, chances are you will send home with your guests a little “goodie” bag of treats.  Adults are just like kids – they love taking home a bag of treats!  For my husband’s surprise birthday party last year, I threw a cocktail party for him and I made little bags of goodness to send home with our guests.   In them I included several cocktail mix packets, mini martini glasses, these martini coasters and one of my all time favorite favor candles: Cocktails Anyone? Gel Martini Candle.  So our guests went home with their own little bag of happiness – they could make their drinks, place it on a coaster, light a candle and relax.

But we have a bunch of designs for all different occasions: wedding cocktail mixes (in over 60 designs), exclusive to Little Things designs such as damask, fleur de lis and love bird which can be found here: exclusive cocktail mix designs, birthday party cocktail mixes and we also have cocktail mixes available in religious, Sweet 15, and holiday party designs.

To get your 10% OFF any of these cocktail mixes just use coupon code: Cocktail609 upon checkout!