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Archive for February, 2009

Our Office Addiction – Jordan Almonds

Feb 20, 2009

yhst-18249483873275_2041_1195300 Jordan Almonds have been for years (and I mean years!) the traditional wedding favor give-away to reception guests.  Traditionally, couples would give 5 Jordan almonds to symbolize five wishes for the newly married couple: health, wealth, fertility, longevity and happiness.  The almonds also signified the bitter-sweetness of married life (the almonds represent the bitterness, the sugar coating the sweetness).

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking – you’re probably thinking of those little tulle wrapped packs reminiscent of weddings from the 1980′s and you may even be thinking “eww” – but I would like you to think again about these little traditional pearls of sugared happiness.

We carry high quality imported Italian Jordan Almonds – which taste ten thousand times better (ok, maybe I’m a bit overly excited about these almonds) than the Jordan Almonds you (and I) have tasted from grocery, large chains and candy stores.  These Jordan Almonds are coated with not only sugar but with a hint of tapioca to give them a devine flavor.

I purchased 10 pounds from our candy supplier to keep on hand in our showroom (for our customers to sample) and my office staff has literally eaten through 3/4th of my stock in a matter of a week’s time (and there are only 5 of us!).  Kelsey, one of our customer service reps,  swore Jordan Almonds were “gross”  – until she actually sampled the stock – now I can’t keep her hands out of the candy dish!

So whether you are looking for an edible wedding favor, an eco-friendly wedding favor or even a traditional favor – try our Jordan Almonds.  If you’re in the area of Sayreville stop by our showroom and taste a sample – I guarantee you won’t be able to eat just one!

Hope to see you all on Saturday – Our Showroom hours are 12Pm to 6 Pm!



Bad Weather, Cold Season Sends a 1-2 Punch

Feb 12, 2009

The thing about working in Small Business is that we are able to offer our customers personalized one-on-one service – if you call or write to us, chances are you are going to get one of our five office employees.  This is great for us and great for you – because we can give you the individual attention to your orders and questions regarding our wedding favors and accessories.

However, when cold and flu season hits – it can also wreck havoc on offices – big or small!  3/4th of our staff (do the math, it leaves only me!) are under the weather.  For the past three days I’ve been the only one plugging away in our office from 9 am to 7 pm.  Hopefully, we’ll be back up and running at full capacity soon!  Unfortunately, though we’ve been busier than normal this week and I am doing my best to answer emails and return your calls as soon as possible.

Today, we’re having some rough weather here in New Jersey with heavy winds and wind guests – over 60 mph!  This has periodically knocked down our office electricity, internet connection and telephone lines.  So I do apologize if you haven’t been able to reach us today, the weather is just the icing on the cake this week – so to speak!

I am excited though, I just got in new eco-friendly all natural beeswax unity candles which are so pretty that I can’t wait to list them on the site!  I’m sure all of our eco-friendly brides will just adore these candles!

Happy Thursday everyone – the weekend is almost here!



Working Hard, News and Introductions

Feb 9, 2009

The thing about blogging I learned not too long ago is that people who read blogs, read them for a reason.  They like what the author says, or in the case of businesses, they like knowing about the “ins” of the business – the real life stuff.  The reality TV behind the ecommerce site, so to speak.  And I can’t blame them – I read blogs for the same reasons.  Sure you may check out our blog for news, specials and deals – but that’s not going to contribute to everyday readership.  And I do love everyday readers – I love receiving comments, suggestions and hearing your thoughts.  (Seriously, I do!)

The past several months I have not been blogging and for good reasons – we have littlerally been swamped with site work, site updates and trying to get our retail showroom up and running.

I created Little Things Favors from scratch nearly 6 years ago, it morphed into a business idea when I was recovering from appendix surgery and my own wedding to Chris was less than 3 months away.  I was browsing the web for wedding favors and accessories, trying to put together destination wedding “welcome” bags.  And I just couldn’t find everything I was looking for all in “one” place!  It was trying and frustrating.

Jump ahead 6 years, I own my own business, doing what I love to do – I still shop for weddings – but not my own – yours!  I check out new products, go to trade shows, talk to new companies – in the hopes of expanding our product lines to fit your wedding needs.

Over the past years our customers have consistantly asked us “Do you have a store?”  I pondered opening a storefront for several years, with the sheer volume of items on the site, it would be nearly impossible to keep inventory – unless I opened up a store the size of Wal-Mart.  (I’m not joking, we’re nearing 6,000 items on the site).  It is almost an impossible feat to accomplish.

However, customer feedback suggested to me that customers weren’t necessarily wanting to buy wedding favors from a store, but rather see the items up close and in person without having to buy a sample.  So this year, we decided to open a showroom – of our most popular products so that customers in the NY-NJ-PA (and maybe even CT) areas can come and visit us.  You’ll be able to place your order with us either in the showroom or through the website and have your order delivered directly to your home or ship to address.

But it has been a daunting task!  The showroom is nearly complete – almost all of our products are labeled – and we’re still getting in new stuff almost everyday.  The hardest part – getting a retail POS system to work with our ecommerce backend platform.  And we’re still trying to work out the kinks.  Plus we’re still waiting on permits from the municipality to come in.

I anticipate that we should be opened by month’s end, although the date keeps getting pushed back.  I am excited and can’t wait to open to meet all of my customers and all of the great people who have helped us open the showroom.

Also, I’d like everyone to welcome 2 of our new employees: Kelsey is our part-time sales and customer service associate and Ben who currently is part-time but will be moving to full-time during our busy season, he will be managing the front end operations for us.  So if you come in and visit us, be sure to say “Hi” to them.

It’s back to work for me, I have a ton of new products to upload to the site, phone calls to return and a training session with our retail software system.

Love & Kisses,