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Archive for September, 2008

Perfect Your Perfect Wedding Look

Sep 26, 2008

There’s more to your wedding than just the wedding ceremony and reception. Completing your total wedding look is a must – you’ll feel even more confident and beautiful on your special day. Don’t spend a fortune – has elegant bridal accessories so you can create a perfect wedding look. Here’s some accessories you need:

  • Wedding Tiaras: Wedding tiaras like the White Pearl Waves Tiara and the Pearl Loop Tiara are exceptionally elegant!
  • Wedding Flip Flops: Ouch, those beautiful white heels you bought are great for the ceremony, but not a night of dancing! Ditch them for equally pretty White Sandal with Crystal Woven Strap Flip Flops.
  • Bridal Purses: You need a pretty place to stash your lipstick, and maybe a tissue or two for those joyful tears. We like the Ivory Classic Evening Bag.
  • Wedding Jewelry: Whether for the bride or as a cute gift for her bridesmaids, check out our beautiful wedding jewelry, such as the 3 Piece Pearl Wedding Set, Impressive Bridal Jewelry Set, and Chevron Jewelry Set.

(Don’t) Take a Bite Out of This Wedding Favor!

Sep 24, 2008

Any brides having fall weddings out there? All of us at absolutely love these Faux Candied Apple Wedding Favors that also double as place card holders. They’re custom made and so beautiful looking, not to mention real looking!

Fall Wedding Favors

Our mouths are watering just looking at these almost-real apples, and we’re thinking your guest’s mouth’s will too, so why not serve real candied apples as dessert?


Leash In The Cats and Dogs, We Mean – In-laws!

Sep 17, 2008

Oops, maybe we shouldn’t call them cats and dogs, but when they fight, we just can’t help but see the comparison. If you’re lucky, your parents and your husband’s parents will never fight throughout the wedding planning or the actual wedding.

Well, we can’t all be that lucky. Chances are, parents are going to clash. Stress often causes ordinarily calm people to become a tad angry or annoyed, and as you know, wedding planning can be quite stressful.

As Dr. Dale Atkins, in “Getting Hitched? Tips to Handle the In-laws” notes, “Wedding planning can bring out the best and the worst in people, and understanding what is important, and why it is important to each member of the family is essential.”

Here’s some tips to keep the sanity in your life:

  • Go in with a good attitude. Just because you’ve rented movies like “Monster In-Law” and heard horror stories about in-laws doesn’t mean that your situation will be the same. Put a smile on your face and hug the new people you’re about to share your life with.
  • Talk it out. So your in-laws want a light blue theme and you’ve always dreamed of seafoam green. Rather than feeling like they simply have it in for you, explain your side. Chances are, they’re probably just didn’t know what your intentions were anyway. If they still overstep you, be sure to firmly state that this is you and your fiance’s wedding, not theirs.
  • Pick your battles. Arguing over the wedding theme is one thing, bickering over whether to have pot stickers over potato pancakes is another – don’t fight over little matters, you don’t need the added stress. Be sure to assert your opinion, but don’t go into a screaming match with your mother-in-law over small details. Plus, it’ll show your maturity and calm everyone down.
  • Don’t take sides. You may be tempted to side with your parents instead of your fiance. Don’t! Remember, you’re about to be married and this is the time you need to be united with your fiance. Don’t bad-mouth your parents and in-laws. Instead, listen objectively, and offer ways to help and find a solution that is agreeable for all parties.
  • Daughter-in-laws, spend quality time with mother-in-laws. We’re guessing looking at bridal accessories like wedding veils, cute wedding t-shirts, wedding flip flops, and more will have you both excited and looking forward to your wedding! Spend some quality time at, have a cup of tea, and check out our fun products!

Join Us Over At Ning!

Sep 16, 2008

Hey brides and brides-to-be! Come and join us over at our brand new page at . It’s full of great wedding favor ideas and a forum so you can share your favorite wedding favor ideas, and feel free to start a new discussion about all those wedding thoughts in your head!

We created it with you in mind – so start posting and interacting with each other!

Recycled Wedding Rings!

Sep 11, 2008

The Wall Street Journal article, “Wedding Rings: ‘Something Old’ Becomes Something New” reports that brides are fulfilling the “Something old” bridal adage by transforming old jewelry from family and friends and sending it to eco-friendly jewelor greenKarat to turn into brand new wedding rings.

Matthew White, greenKarat Presidents, feels “Recycling those pieces for a betrothed couple is romantic, eco-friendly, and financially savvy.”

Eco-friendly weddings are all the rage right now, and greenKarat’s services provide couples with not only a great story about their wedding rings, but an environmentally friendly alternative. Make your wedding even more green with Personalized Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors.

Top 5 Winter Wedding Destinations

Sep 9, 2008

Hey winter brides, who says everyone has to get married in the summer? Winter weddings are a unique take on the traditional wedding – there’s typically a better chance you’ll be able to choose the exact date you want without having to compete with 20 other brides for the same reception area. Here’s some great winter wedding destinations for brides who enjoy both cold and warm winter weddings.

Vermont – Vermont is absolutely beautiful in the winter. Imagine snowy pine trees, romantic white lights, and gently falling snow. This isn’t just a postcard image – this is really Vermont. Check out

Hawaii – Hawaii weddings are quite different from the snowy Vermont winter weddings. For warm-weather brides, Hawaii weddings offer tons of sun, relaxation, and oh – those beautiful beaches! has tons of wedding ideas to make Hawaii wedding planning easier.

Colorado – If you’re on the West Coast, a Colorado wedding may be easier for you and your guests over an East Coast Vermont wedding. There are tons of beautiful ski resorts (Aspen! Breckenridge!) that would be ideal for a winter wedding. Colorado weddings are typically relaxed and make for a great time. Just like Vermont, expect beautiful snowy scenes, plus tons of fresh powder. Take a look at Colorado Weddings Ideas.

Arizona – Think Arizona is just desert? Think again. This pretty state offers palm trees and botanical gardens. There are tons of rolling green golf courses, spas, first class results, and beautiful flowers. is great resource for planning your AZ Wedding.

Puerto Rico – Want a wedding that’s really tropical in the middle of the winter? Then Puerto Rico is where you need to be. Gently swaying palm trees and beautiful warm breezes are just a few of the great features Puerto Rico offers. has Puerto Rico wedding resources, ideas, and custom packages to make your wedding dreams a reality.

When you’re planning your winter wedding destination, it’s often easier to buy your winter wedding favors online, and have them shipped directly to the reception site (coordinate with the reception site’s wedding planner), or simply pack them up and take them with you. has absolutely adorable Winter Wedding Favors for those cold weather destinations, and sunny Beach Wedding Favors for those warm destinations in the middle of winter.

A Wedding Theme That’s Out Of This World

Sep 3, 2008

Space-themed weddings may sound like child’s play, but actually, these gatherings can be extremely romantic, intimate, and fun! The heavens continue to captivate us, giving us a chance to indulge in the mystery and romance of the unknown. Getting married under the stars can be absolutely breathtaking, but if you have a larger ceremony planned, getting married at a local planetarium or a state park could be a fun and interesting way to say “I Do.”

Decorate your reception area with star décor, white lights (stars), black and silver table linens, or even hanging planets. If your reception area has a lot of windows, set up telescopes to let your guests check out the constellations. Serve up whatever food you like, but make sure your wedding cake looks stellar with starry decorations or cake toppers. Finally, treat your guests to a bit of outer space with these great Star Keychain Favors.

Your love is as unique and boundless as the universe. Share in the  magic by having a celestial wedding day!