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Archive for July, 2008

Happy Birthday! Little Things Donates to Make-A-Wish Foundation

Jul 25, 2008

make a wish logo

On behalf of all of us at Little Things, we would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the 15 year old girl who is celebrating her Quinceañera this weekend.

Several weeks ago, Little Things Favors was contacted by the Association for Wedding Professionals International (of whom we are a member of) on behalf of the Sacramento Make-A-Wish foundation to donate favors for a make-a-wish child, who was about to celebrate her Sweet 15.  Her only wish was to have a beautiful and memorable Quinceañera.  We gladly offered to donate any favors that we carry for her party.  She chose the popular Sparkling Star Candle Favors. We hope that her Quinceañera is everything she has dreamed about and wish her the best!

The Wedding Hunt: Searching For The Perfect Wedding Items

Jul 25, 2008

Part of the fun in planning your wedding is the hunt: the search for the perfect item. (Sometimes at the perfect price too!) It reminds me of the days of scavenger hunts – you have a list, you know the general areas to look, and the search goes on. Fun! Fun! Fun!

And then there is the thrill of finding the items you were looking for – like the perfect dress! Or the thrill from finding a completely unique item you can incorporate into your wedding. Or the thrill of finding the perfect matching items – it completely delights you and you know it will “wow” your guests.

You know what I’m talking about too! (I know you do, it gets me just as excited as it does you!) Finding bargains, shopping online, discovering the cutest pink heart wedding favor boxes or the trendy monogrammed hot cocoa packets to add to your tables.

What are you looking for? Congrats or Farewell wedding wands? A beautiful silk wedding fan? Silver wedding bells to ring for a kiss? Well look no further because at Little Things, we carry all the little things to make your wedding or event memorable and unique! I get so excited when I discover items to add to our collection, and I’m sure you will be too. Just check out our new wedding favors or our wedding favors as seen in bridal magazines – and I’m sure you’ll knock off a thing or two off your Wedding Hunt list.

Happy Planning and Have a Great Weekend!

When To Send Out Your Save the Dates & Invites

Jul 23, 2008

fleur de lis save the date magnets

Fleur de Lis Save The Date Magnets (10 Colors Available)

“I just got engaged and I am not sure when to send out our invitations and save-the-dates.  Can you help?”

Although the timeline for sending out invitations and save the dates can be a daunting task, here are some basic guidelines for you to follow:

Engagement Party – send out invites 3 to 4 weeks before the celebration

Save the Dates – 6 months before your wedding, 8 months if your planning a destination wedding.

Wedding Invitations – 6 weeks before the wedding, 8 weeks if your guests have to travel to your venue.

Bridal Shower Invites - 4 to 6 weeks before the shower date

Thank You Notes – traditionally within 1 month of receiving, however it is acceptable up to 3 months after receiving the gift.

5 Tips To Trim Your Wedding Guest List

Jul 22, 2008

Damask guest book

Shown Above, Vintage Bouquet Damask Guest Book

We all know weddings can be costly – and the biggest expense is not your DJ, limos or your wedding favors!  And with the economy in a struggle and rising gas costs, you may wonder just how to save on some of your expenses. The largest expense is your catering at about a whopping 50% of your budget.  If your per-plate catering cost is 100.00 per plate, and you cut 10 people off your list (which isn’t alot!) you would have saved $1,000 dollars!

So just how do you cut down your guest list?  It’s easy!

1) Take the total number of guests you plan on inviting and divide by 4.  The bride, the groom, and each set of parents gets a 1/4th of the total number of invitees.  Stick to that number.

2) Next divide your guest list into groups, – close family – close friends – aunts and uncles – cousins – co-workers – etc.  Who can you eliminate?  Perhaps you can knock-off (not literally!) those cousins and the co-workers.  If you eliminate a group – elimiante all of them, you don’t want any hurt feelings.

3) Unless you have a budget the size of Trump’s bank account, you shouldn’t invite co-workers.  Weddings should be reserved for close friends and family.  Your co-workers will understand!  If you are especially close to one or two of them, invite them – but not the whole office or department.

4) Inform your parents before hand, now is not the time, and your wedding is not the place to play “payback”.  They don’t need to invite people who they gave gifts to for other weddings.  This is a time for close family and friends.  This is your day, and ultimately you have the final say on attendees.

5) Cut out the long distance invitees.  With soaring airline tickets, gas costs and other expenses, they may not be able to afford to come.  Invite only those whom you are close to and send wedding announcements to the rest.  Their pocketbooks will thank you.

We Love Geeks! (And Their Weddings!)

Jul 21, 2008

In The Examiner’s article, “I heart geek weddings”, self-described “geeks” are expressing their geek pride by engaging in geek themed weddings, Star Trek cakes and all! Elizabeth Oakes reports that geeky, eclectic weddings are all the rage – after all, don’t you want your wedding day to be as unique as possible?

“Geeks are creative, fun, and–nowadays, in our gadget-strewn world–the four-eyed kings and queens of cool,” says Oakes.

Creative thinking is necessary to creating a fun wedding that reflects the couple’s personality, and “geeks” ooze personality. They customize everything from their cake (game controllers!) to their wedding favors (mini Gumball Machine Wedding Favors and “We Add Up” Diamond-Shaped calculator wedding favors).

The article goes on to talk about quirky examples of geek weddings and gives you ideas for your own geeky wedding. At, we feel that everyone should embrace their inner geek and order eclectic wedding favors, such as:

  • “We Clicked” Round mouse pad favors
  • “The ‘Gratest’ Love of All’” cheese grater wedding favors
  • Love Rules Ruler Wedding Favors

You don’t have to be a geek to express your inner geekiness and have a wedding that’s all you!

Wedding Favors Seen In: Modern Bride Magazine Aug/Sept 2008

Jul 21, 2008

wedding favors as seen in modern bride magazine

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Modern Bride Magazine for August / Septemebr 2008, I have highlighted some of the wedding favors which were featured in this copy.  We currently have 15 favors which were featured in Modern Bride!  Our favorite is the silver fluted wedding bells, these have been featured in numerous magazines including Modern Bride and InStyle Weddings.  The heart cut out favor boxes, shown here and in the magazine in pink are also available in white, black, merlot red and chocolate brown.  Our personalized Hershey Kisses have been a bestseller of ours since we started offering them – and at .25 cents each you can’t go wrong with this favor.  Also very popular are the mini gumball machines – it brings out the kid in all of us and they are refillable too!

If you are looking for a bit of shine and elegance, try the silver plated wedding cake place card holders.  Or if your having a music inspired wedding, the ain’t love grand pianos or the music stand place card holders will suit your reception perfectly.  For garden weddings, the mini topiary place card holders are a bestseller.  And for winter wedddings we recommend (as does Modern Bride) the Haute Chocolate hot cocoa wedding favors - featured in the mod argyle pink and green design shown here (also in over 80 designs to fit every wedding style!)

To see all the favors we carry featured in Modern Bride, check out our section: Wedding Favors As Seen In Modern Bride Magazine


Unique and Unusual Wedding Cake Ideas

Jul 20, 2008

unique wedding cake idea

Above photos courtesy of Mike’s Amazing Cakes

If you have a unique wedding cake idea in your head, but you’re just not sure of the baker to use, I stumbled upon a great website this evening, Mike’s Amazing Cakes, which may solve your dilemma.  Based out of Washington state, his cakes are available to ship throughout the United States.  His base prices start at 2.30 for 100 people and go down based on quantity of servings.  However, highly detailed cakes or anything beyond the standard finish wedding cakes cost more.  So if you are looking for that knight in shining armor cake, Mike may be your man.  Unfortunately, I don’t know him, but I wish I did, his wedding cakes look devine.  And don’t forget, you also may need a wedding cake top too!

Wedding Themes – What’s Yours?

Jul 19, 2008

This next month I’m going to be focusing on wedding themes and how to incorporate themed ideas into your wedding. We already have a list of some popular wedding themes in our article section on our website if you’d like to get some great ideas – and I will be expanding this section over the course of the month.

I’d like to know, what are your favorite themes? If you are using a theme, what theme are you using for your wedding? If you have a theme idea, but need some help gathering ideas, let me know that as well. I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas!

Have a great weekend!

Love Birds Wedding Theme Ideas

Jul 18, 2008


Birds are a long time symbol of love, hope and inspiration.  Birds are “in style” for the moment – everything from blog designs, to invitations and textiles to wedding items.  Birds have always been a symbol for newlyweds too – especially when they move into their first place or “their nest”.  So whether your simply mad about birds or just madly in love, a bird theme is great for your wedding or bridal shower.

Let’s take a look at the items above, to start, we have eco-friendly love bird invitations from Paper Shouts.  For place card holders why not try our mini bird nests which can double as place card holders and candy holders.  Use chocolates, or even light blue or light green jordan almonds to fill them to make them look like eggs.

For your cake topper or even as centerpieces, why not look at our contemporary love birds? This timeless white porcelain topper will be classic and beautiful even for your 25th anniversary!  The blue and red cake design shown here is courtesy of The Sugar Syndicate Chicago, check them out for some cool ideas!  Or if you’d perfer the beautiful turquoise love birds cake top, or the birds nest cupcakes shown next to the cake, they come from The Pink Cake Box

For your wedding favors, why not try personalized monogrammed love bird mint tins which come in 9 different color choices and 4 different types of fillable candy?  Or you could also try our personalized love bird candle wedding favors (shown in blue, also available in cream or green).  For your bridal shower, you could also give out our love bird guest soaps in bird’s nests.

And for a finishing touch to your reception or shower, why not try our birdcage card holder ?

For more great bird theme reception decorating ideas, check out our article: Creating A Love Bird Wedding Theme

Once A Bride, Never A Bridesmaid

Jul 17, 2008

You know that old saying, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride?”  Well, I often wonder how often the reverse is true – once a bride, but never a bridesmaid.  Although I have attended my fair shair of weddings, and I was a bride in 2003, I have never been asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding.  I was a flower girl once, when I was 7, certainly not old enough to actually enjoy all the pre-wedding activites.

And now that I’m “of age” or maybe even past my prime (30) to be a bridesmaid, my girlfriends are either not planning on getting married, not dating, or are already married.  I do wish to be in a wedding again, I love planning, decorating, shopping, and all those fun wedding things – showers, registries, bachlorette parties, dinners, and being in the wedding itself!  That’s why I ultimately decided on being an entreprenuer and starting Little Things Wedding Favors - it was the one area of the industry which could be all things wedding for me.  I could not be a florist, DJ, photographer, videographer, or caterer – those were out of my areas of expertise.  But invitations, accessories and favors – those all were “up my alley” when I was planning my own wedding.  Even my Husband was involved in weddings before we tied the knot in 2003 – he used to drive limos on the weekends part time to supplement our regular income. I suppose weddings are “in our blood”!

Speaking of weddings, my dear Hubby Chris is going to be a Best Man for his cousin’s wedding next month.  And the Groom’s profession – a wedding & event DJ! I guess the wedding industry just runs in our family :) But alas, Hubby being in the wedding party spawned my own desire to be in one too! 

So I wonder, my dear readers, how many of you always had a desire to be a bridesmaid but was never one?