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Personalized Pub Signs Make Great Groomsmen and Bridesmaids Gifts

May 28, 2008


Modern Martini Pub Sign


Family bar or family pub signs make a great gift for all your wedding party.  With classic Irish designs, to modern Martini Lounge signs (perfect for your Sex In The City lovin’ gals), even to gameroom signs (great for the kids) and sports signs- the new personalized pub signs we carry make a wonderful wedding party gift.

These pub signs also make for great wedding decorations!  Order one with your new name on it and place it by your escort card table or place it on your open bar at your reception.   There are beautful vineyard signs for those who are having a wine themed wedding, poker signs for those Las Vegas inspired weddings, even a Tiki Bar sign for beach weddings!

Each high gloss, laminated wood sign measures 11 1/2″ x 15 3/8″ and is the perfect finishing touch to many areas of your home.  Each sign has a hange attached and is offered with free personalization.


New “In Favor of a Cure” Breast Cancer Awareness Favors

May 27, 2008

How often does a wedding or event favor come along and not only dazzle guests, but also helps save the lives of thousands of women?  Kate Aspen’s “In Favor of a Cure” seeks to do that with a new line of wedding favors in which Kate Aspen will dontate 10% of the net proceeds to two national breast cancer organizations.  Whether you are honoring a loved one or in memory of a loved one who passed, these favors are a lovely symbolic gesture.  To kick start the line are 3 favors for the current season:

The first is an eco-friendly option, a pink ribbon plantable wildflower favor, that when planted will grow a lovely wildflower garden. Check them out here: Pink Ribbon Wildflower Favors (Set of 12)

The second is a wonderful favor box, that can hold all your edible treats. The Pink Ribbon Favor Boxes come in a Set of 24, and require some assembly.  An open work ribbon cut out allows the pink box underneath to shine through.

Last but not least, is my favorite of the three pink ribbon favors, is the Pink Ribbon Photo Frame.  Sold in sets of 4, each frame has a lovely frosted pink surround acented by a pink ribbon.  Perserve the memories of your loved one in a frame that commemorates them in their honor.  What would we do without photographs of our loved ones?  These are a great way to cherish memories.

All three favors have been designed to bring hope for the future and honor those survivors – and the memory of all those lives who have been touched by breast cancer.  So for those brides who are looking for a wedding favor which “gives back” these are a wonderful opion.

Make Your Wedding Color Green

May 26, 2008

Just imagine how much trash 200 wedding guests make – that’s 200 plastic champagne glasses festering in a landfill, 200 styrofoam wedding cake plates depleting our ozone layer…the list goes on and on.

With people increasingly becoming more eco-friendly, weddings are coming under scrutiny. Weddings are beautiful events, so helping the Earth stay beautiful too will only enhance your wedding. There’s different ways to have an eco-friendly wedding, so choose the one that’s right for you. Many brides choose alternative wedding registries like charities – just choose your favorite environmentally conscious charity for your wedding guests to donate to.

Other couples, as mentioned in article “Saying ‘I Do’ to a ‘Green’ Wedding” are making their entire wedding green. Rachel McCalla and Matt Fernandes’ had their wedding at the Missouri Botanical Garden and offered guests tours of the building and tips for making their own homes more eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly wedding tips include:

  • Local Food Growers – Using locally grown food for your wedding can benefit your local community and the environment by recycling all leftover food.

  • Flowers – Rather than have plastic wedding decorations, flowers are both beautiful and eco-friendly alternatives.

  • Online Invitations – Nearly everyone has an email address these days, so why not send your wedding invitations online? They still look beautiful, and this way you don’t waste any paper!

  • Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors – Edible wedding favors make the perfect environmentally friendly wedding favors – the only place they end up is in your guest’s happy stomachs!

Eco-friendly weddings may be the trendy wedding style right now, but they’re definitely fulfilling a need – if we want our Earth to be around as long as our wedding memories, we need to incorporate environmental awareness into every aspect of our lives.

Mix It Up With Nontraditional Wedding Registries

May 23, 2008

Every bride says “I Do”, so why not change it up with nontraditional wedding registries? With the average age couples wed increasing; many couples already have those fancy place settings, mattress sets, and crystal tumblers. Couples are opting to instead register for vacations, charities, and even just cash.

In the article, “Couples Say ‘I Do’ to Nontraditional Wedding Registries”, Megan and Nathan Putty registered for their Las Vegas honeymoon. Guests gifted the couple with dinner at Bobby Flay’s Vegas restaurant and tickets to see the breathtaking Cirque du Soleil.

Many brides want their weddings as personalized and unique as possible. Have you always wanted to help someone in need? Wedding charity registries like transform your wedding into a helpful hand for those in need.

Need a little extra cash? Who doesn’t! Although wedding etiquette experts aren’t quite in agreement over whether cash is acceptable or not, many couples do opt to receive that cash and spend it on something they really need or want.

If you’re thinking outside the box and going with nontraditional wedding registries, you’d better be prepared to live up to guest’s expectations with unique wedding favors. Every detail of your wedding should reflect your personality!

Wedding Music and the Art of Compromise

May 22, 2008

Everybody thought I was crazy.

My list of demands:

  1. No Chicken Dance.

  2. No Polka.

  3. No Line Dancing.*

*No, not even the Electric Slide.

I’m meeting with the DJ my fiancee and I have retained for our wedding reception, and in exchange for dropping ‘live funk band’ from my wedding wish list, I’ve been granted a huge degree of control over the music for the evening.

The DJ looks dumbfounded. “What,” he asks me, “am I supposed to play?”

Smiling, I hand him what my wife will come to call ‘The List’ – with caps implied by her tone of voice- and four CDs labeled ‘Hour One’ through ‘Hour Four’. The CDs were a mix of fun, poignant and danceable music, carefully hand-crafted for optimum effect. Elvis Costello’s “Allison” was one of the slow dances. It was perfect.

It didn’t fly with either my wife or the DJ. Not even a bit.

Compromise is the most important aspect of married life that you learn from the wedding planning process. Both the bride and the groom want it to be ‘My Day’, a last hurrah for all the pieces of their ego they fear that marriage and respectability are going to strip away. It leads to unconscionable demands, clashing tempers, and shouting matches over the volume of jazz fusion vs. Top 40 material that the wedding guests can actually dance to on the playlist.

The truth is, when it comes to music, compromise is vital. Yes, it should display the couple’s personality – that’s why the wedding party walked into our reception to Tomoyasu Hotei’s “Battle Without Honor Or Humanity”- and also accommodate the guests, who probably don’t like the same music we do – which is why we scrapped most of ‘The List’ and let the DJ do his thing.

Our compromise paid off – everybody had a great time dancing (but not to the Electric Slide), and even years later, our family and friends talk about the Japanese guitar rock we played during our entrance – we even get asked to burn it onto a CD every now and then. Which led me to a great idea that my little sister used at her wedding: if you have a cool program of music lined up for the evening, make a mix CD of the highlights of the reception and ceremony and give them out as wedding favors. It’s a great way to guarantee that your guests will actually use the gift you give them.

Fit Big Ticket Items Into Your Wedding Budget

May 21, 2008

Viewers who watched the Desperate Housewives‘ fourth-season finale on Sunday nearly saw a marriage fall apart over an ice sculpture. Mere hours away from their ‘commitment ceremony’, Wisteria Lane residents Bob and Lee clashed over the latter’s demand for an enchanted ice castle with a vodka moat surrounding it.

If you’re married, or are planning a wedding right now, you’ve probably felt the sharp sting of a bridezilla’s (or groomzilla’s) totally unreasonable request that they’ve “dreamed of all [their] lives.” But in a struggling economy, there’s less wiggle room in wedding budgets for flights of fancy.

Don’t cross the vodka moat off just yet, though. There are plenty of painless ways to cut corners in order to save the extravagances in the master plan:

  • Fewer Flowers: Really, do you need them all? And they’re not going to last.

  • Bargain Hunt: If the bride is a savvy shopper, she can find a dress she’s in love with at low, low cost.

  • Review the Menu: Check out the other offerings provided by your caterer and see if the Kobe beef and shiitake Wellington in a red wine reduction is really the only entree that will satisfy your guests.

  • Rethink the Honeymoon: Right now, the cost of European honeymoons is astronomical thanks to the value of the Euro vs. the US Dollar. To save a few thousand bucks, consider changing the locale to somewhere just as romantic but a bit less bank-intensive.

  • Do Yourself A Favor: Wedding favors are the most memorable thing about a reception, so you can’t skimp. But you can shop around and find the best deal, or even make them yourself. When I got married, we gave our guests personalized jars of honey as wedding favors. We bought bulk orders of small mason jars and honey drippers, haggled with a local beekeeper for they honey, and had my husband design the labels and favor tags in Photoshop. They were a huge hit – without hitting my checkbook.

Finally, think about your guests are really going to remember about the reception – typically, it’s the cake, the wedding favors, the good times, and anecdotes about open-bar abuse. Budget for those things accordingly, but be sure to shop around when it comes to everything else.

Little Things Is Hiring!

May 19, 2008

Are you a “people person” who loves the wedding and bridal industry?  Are you motivated, organized and have the ability to multi-task while maintaining a high level of customer service?  If so then we want you!

Little Things Favors, a leader in the wedding favor and wedding accessory field is branching out to our newest retail location in Central New Jersey (South Amboy / Sayreville area).  We are looking for enthuastic individuals who love working with people and love everything wedding related.  We are a small family operated business seeking full and part time customer service representatives and a freelance digital photographer.

Scavanger Hunt Contest – Win A Wedding Tee!

May 7, 2008

To celebrate our one of our new sections on the site our: Personalized Wedding T-Shirts & Tanks we are going to give away to one lucky reader a wedding tee shirt from that section!


Wedding Tees


Here’s how to win:

Look through our site and find Chris & I on our wedding day!  Our picture is shown within a product and here are three hints to find us:

1) We are in our wedding attire (dress & tux)

2) We are “kissing” in the photo

3) There is a casino background behind us

The first person to find the item we are in and link the item in a comment on our blog, will win!  Please make sure when you leave your comment that you leave your correct email address so we can email you.

Happy Hunting! ~ Erica <3

PS – Contest Expires on May 31, 2008 or if a winner is selected before then.

Manufacturer Price Increases

May 6, 2008

Due to the increasing price of commodities, and the weak US dollar, some of our manufacturers have increased their wholesale prices on some of the products we carry.  We are doing everything we can to keep our prices down, and are limiting our increases only to cover the wholesale increase. 

Due to this, effective May 9th through June 9th, 2008, we will be temporarily suspending our “price match” policy on all Fashioncraft products.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  And as always, we appreciate your business!


Erica Tevis

Your Wedding Bands & Engraving Options

May 1, 2008

When Chris & I got married, I was looking for a unique, yet classic and modern ring at the same time.  Sounds a bit confusing right – how can something be classic and modern at the same time, yet still be unique?  Since I’m not a flashy person and my hands are quite small, the diamond had to be small and the setting had to be clean.  We decided upon a tension setting from Gelin Abaci – take a look:


Simple and clean with a classic round stone, in a modern and unique tension setting.  Now, 5 years later (our anniversary is in August) I still love this ring for its elegance and design.  But the one thing we didn’t do – is engrave our rings – thinking back I should have had our rings engraved, maybe we’ll do that for this anniversary.  If you are thinking of getting your engagement ring or wedding bands engraved, I developed a wedding band engraving tips list for those of you who may be considering the same.