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Archive for March, 2008

Office Is Closed: Sick with Stomach Virus

Mar 31, 2008

Dear Customers,

Our offices are currently closed.  Unfortunately, almost everyone in our office came down with a severe stomach virus this past weekend. Our 3 year old son was also hospitalized this weekend because of the virus, which we subsequently got last night. We are expected to re-open on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

How will this impact your order?  It won’t!  I do have one employee who is currently OK but working from home, and our warehouse employees since they are located outside of the office have not been affected.  However, if you have emailed us, please allow 24 to 48 hours to respond to your email.  Since I only have 1 well employee, it may take her time to sort through all of our emails.  You may contact her directly at

Additionally, our customer service center is located in a different area than the office, they are open as well.  You can call them directly with any ordering issues.

Thank you for your time and patience in this matter.  We appreciate your business and understanding!


Erica & Chris Tevis


That’s Amore! We Have A Wedding Favor For You, Domenico!

Mar 17, 2008

Every time I pass by our stock of “A Slice of Love” Pizza Cutter Wedding Favors I am always reminded of Domenico from MTV’s That’s Amore!I admit, I happen to watch bad reality TV, so I am familiar with the show.  Each episode the girls are given a pizza box with instructions on the day’s task.  Well, our Slice of Love pizza cutters come in an adorable pizza style box – reminicent of the show. 

So, Domenico, if you ever find true love on MTV, we have the perfect wedding favors to compliement your wedding. :)

On a side note, the pizza cutters are a lovely addition to any wedding.  Made of stainless steel, each cutter has the word “Love” written accross the slicer.  The handle which is made of sturdy plastic, fits nicely in the hand for a great cut.  I actually have taken one home and used them to cut pizza – any not only do they work – but they also are great fitting in our utencil drawer – they don’t take up as much space as traditional pizza cutters do.  I love these favors – and so do our brides they are very popular this year!

When Should I Order My Wedding Favors?

Mar 17, 2008

My RSVPs aren’t due back until 3 weeks before my wedding.  When do you think is a good time to order my wedding favors?

If you are planning on ordering personalized wedding favors you should order your wedding favors at least 4 weeks before your wedding.  This ensures that the items have enough time to personalize and ship to you.  This also gives you enough time in case items arrive broken in transit or if there are any errors which need to be fixed.

Non-personalized wedding favors should be ordered no later than 2 weeks before your event.  This allows at least 5 business days for processing (many ship sooner) and at least 5 business days for shipping time (shipping can take anywhere from 1 to 6 business days).

If your wedding is less than 2 weeks away, and your favors are not personalized, we would recommend upgrading shipping to ensure that they arrive in time for your wedding.

Chances are, you may not have an exact head count for your favors, but that’s OK.  You may already have some RSVPs, and if you go through your guest list you can estimate who will attend and who may not.  Once you have that total (of the already RSVP’d guests + your estimate) you may want to add 10% more to the quantity you plan on ordering to make sure you have all your guests covered.  Worst case you’ll have a few extra, but you can always save them for “memories” or give them to your nail tech, hair and makeup stylist, etc… (not in lieu of a tip but in addition to their tip).

A Note to Our Canadian and International Customers

Mar 7, 2008

It seems as if there was some confusion today with one of our Canadian customers who was surprised to pay Canadian taxes which were due upon delivery.  We’d like to take this opportunity to remind all of our International customers that taxes, import duties, VAT fees, import duty or brokerage charges (not all may apply, some are country specific) are due to your respective governments upon delivery.

Unfortunately, we have no control over International laws, and we can not control International taxation charges on imported goods (after all we don’t govern any countries! :P ) .  If you have questions regarding import taxes or how much may be due upon delivery, please contact your local taxation department or UPS office who will be able to help you.

For more information you can read our international policy, which can be found on our website here: 

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2008

Mar 4, 2008

We’ve written a number of articles which can be found both on our website and on which go into great depth on the following trends.  However, if you’re just looking for a short synopsis of what’s currently hot, here it is:

1) Color saturates your wedding.  Designers pushed yellow on the runways last year for 2008, but we know all shades are blue are what’s really hot right now.  This is great for beach brides!

2) Duel colored weddings.  Accent your primary wedding color with an accent color. Or plan an outrageous color scheme such as Pink/orange, icy blue/red, slate/lime, etc… it makes for a fun wedding.

3) Letterpress invitations are like miniature works of art.  Quite costly but well worth the investment if your looking to “wow” your guests.

4) Creating a signature scent for your wedding.  We know that a scent can provoke long term memories.  Create a scent for your wedding by using flowers, candles and scent machines to create a signature scent for your ceremony and reception.

5) Music and entertainment – latin bands, ethnic bands, dancers, tribute bands, and impersonators are fun additions to your wedding, will entertain your guests and leave a lasting impression

6) Increased guest list size – big weddings are hot, hot hot!  The more the merrier!

7) Eco-friendly weddings.  Enviornmentally friendly weddings are quite popular.  Organic food and items which can be recycled and reused are what’s in style.

8) Personalization or Monogramming – everything and anything.  If you can personalize it – do it.

9) Jack and Jill Showers – the guys can enjoy a co-ed bash with gifts exculsively for him (think grilling or tools)

10) Wedding favors which are: practical, personalized, unique, eco-friendly or candles.  All are hot in the wedding favor industry.

Kate Aspen Reports on 2008 Wedding Trends

Mar 3, 2008

In case you haven’t read Kate Aspen’s report on 2008 wedding trends, here’s what you need to know.  They sampled a selection of their visitors and brides-to-be and discovered the following trends from real brides getting married soon:

1) Size of the Wedding Party – has increased, many brides are reporting inviting 100 to 150 guests, and another 36% of the brides surveyed said their will be more than 150 people attending their wedding.  So the bigger the party, the better!

2) Favorite Favors – They asked brides to view 6 wedding favor categories, and the favorite category was candle wedding favors

3) Primary Wedding Color – Blue won hands down with the most popular shades being, baby blue, peacock blue, Cinderella blue, Tiffany blue, aqua blue, navy blue and teal. You can find all of our blue wedding favors in one place!

4) Secondary Color (Accent) – White is the winner followed closely by black, chocolate, silver and green.  Also there is a growing trend for orange and yellows.

5) The Perfect Wedding Favors – Kate recommends for “growing something new” try the Daisy Love Grows Plantable Wildflower wedding favors, for something “elegant and sophisticated” try Kate’s Timeless Traditions Elegant Black & White Glass Photo Coasters or “Hugs & Kisses from Mr. & Mrs!” Soaps and finally if you want to give something totally unique to your guests try Kate Aspen’s “A Slice of Love” Pizza Cutter in Mini Pizza Box

Of course you can view the complete line of Kate Aspen Wedding Favors on our site too!