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Archive for January, 2008

Personalize Your Wedding Favors for Free!

Jan 31, 2008

Monogramming & personalizing every aspect of your wedding is a hot trend right now.  You’ll find that personalizing many wedding items results in an up-charge or a personalizing fee.  However, many of our wedding favors can be personalized at no additional cost.

Check out our personalized wedding favors section for example.  Almost all items in this section include personalization in the cost of the item.  The only exception to this is selected personalized glassware contains a set up fee for $38.00 per order.  This is a screen printing set up fee – since the printer of this item has to make a new screen for each order, this charge can not be waived.

However, did you know we also offer select Kate Aspen wedding favors with FREE personalized tags?  That’s right check out our section: free personalized tag wedding favors - On orders of 24 or more pieces of any of the items listed on that page, and receive FREE personalized tags.  Normally, the personalized tags are .35 cents, so if you order 100 favors from this category you are saving 35.00!!

New Wedding Favors Added

Jan 30, 2008

We’ve added some new wedding favors to the site today, and more are coming later this week.  If you have time, check out our new wedding favors section!

Color Your Wedding Green

Jan 30, 2008

We’ve been talking alot about color lately, and it’s no wonder – weddings are colorful!  As I was browsing through some bridal magazines today, I couldn’t help but noticing how many green floral arrangements lined the pages!  Yes that’s right – green flowers!  And they look simply stunning take a look:

green cymbidium orchids Photo courtesy of:

Perhaps green is the next big wedding color – after all, eco-friendly weddings are in, as are pink & green and green & chocolate color combinations for weddings.

So what if green is your wedding color?  How about sending your guests home with lovely green wedding favors to match your theme?  We actually carry quite a variety of them!  Here are some of our favorites:

1) While candles are always popular as wedding favors, our green frog prince candles make great bridal shower favors and our calla lily candles make cute gifts too.

2) If your looking for a practical green colored favor, may I suggest our personalized love keyboard magnets or our perfect pear kitchen timers.

3) And if you are really “going green” (not only green but eco-friendly) check out our organic green favor boxes which would be great filled with white, ivory or green jordan almonds or our eco-friendly wedding seeds.

4) Finally, may we suggest green tea?  Ok so green tea may not be very green (except when it brews) but it is healthy and tasty!  You can personalize all of of our personalized tea bags – select a green label design and have us fill it with green tea!



Yellow Wedding Favor Ideas

Jan 29, 2008

Yellow is the hot wedding color for 2008 and you may be looking for yellow wedding favors - although there aren’t too many on the market (actually out of the 4,000 favors we carry only 1.25% are yellow! That’s about 50 favors).

We do have some ideas though for yellow wedding favors:

1) Playing on the popular monogrammed trend for 2008, there are many monogrammed chocolate bars, coffee, cocoa, cocktail, tea and honey favors which are yellow or have yellow themes.  Also mint tins make great wedding favors too and are available in yellow designs.

2) Our meant to bee mini magnets are a whimsical choice

3) Our sunflower favor boxes are a great choice too, especially when filled with yellow jordan almonds

4) If you are having a yellow beach wedding, our starfish ocean bath fizzies are a great choice which are yellow too!

5) And finally, if you can’t find the perfect yellow wedding favors, consider purchasing personalized ribbon, personalized stickers or tags in yellow and simply decorate your favors in yellow accents.

Restructuring our Wedding Favor Categories

Jan 28, 2008

Just to let our customers know, we are re-organizing some of our wedding favor categories on our site.  This is to make your experience shopping for your wedding favors easier to find.  For example, we recently reorganized our wine wedding favors category and our wine theme favors.

Instead of having over 100+ items to scroll through, we broke down our wine section into the following categories: Coaster wedding favors, Wine Bottle Stoppers, Bottle Openers & Corkscrews, Wine Charms, and Wine Themed favors.  This way if you are only looking for bottle openers, you do not need to search through ALL of our wine favors, you can now find all of our bottle stoppers in one place.

We also reorganized our wedding favor packaging category and broke it up into the following sections: wedding favor boxes and bags, favor pails and mint tins, personalized ribbon, favor tags and cards, personalized labels, favor ribbons, stickers tie-ons and decorations.

We will be reorganizing over the next few days the following categories: beverage wedding favors is being condensed into edible favors, practical wedding favors will be broken down into additional sections, and our mint tin and candy tin category will be combined into one combined category as they are essentially the same items.

We hope these changes will make it easier for you to navigate our site and find the products you are looking for.

Trends: What’s Your Wedding Theme or Wedding Colors?

Jan 22, 2008

Over the past 6 months, we’ve noticed some trends here at Little Things.  The wedding theme favors which gets the most hits are our Beach Wedding Favors.

And last month we implemented our “Favors By Color” feature.  Since last month, our most visited color category for wedding favors has been our Pink Wedding Favors

Now, I do suppose you could be having a pink, beach themed wedding and you could use these as your wedding favors:

But I’m not really sure how common a pink beach wedding is.  But then again, I suppose you could also be planning a destination wedding in the Carribean ;) (ahh those pink beaches!!) If you are, be sure to invite me!

But what I’d really like to know is:

What is your wedding theme?

What are your wedding colors?

Why did you select your theme and/or colors?

Designing Your Dream Wedding Like A Designer

Jan 22, 2008

Here I go again, making wedding suugestions based on my obsession with HGTV :P  If you want to create your dream wedding, but are not sure how to convey your message to your vendors, I have a solution for you: design boards!

If you do not watch HGTV, and you have no idea what a design board is let me show you:

example of design  board

In a nutshell, you take elements you see and love (from magazines, fabric swatches, etc) and place them on a board.  You can do this for your wedding dress (finally something to do with all those magazine clippings), your flowers and even for the decor for your ceremony and reception location.

Now, make a board for each vendor, and bring it with you so that you can show them exactly what you are looking for.  This way there is no miscommunication and your vendors know exactly what you envision for your wedding. 

Sounds easy?  Well it is!  All you will need is to find things you love, a piece of foam or poster board and some glue sticks.  Happy designing! :)

What Mr. & Mrs. Little Gave as Their Wedding Favors

Jan 21, 2008

I fondly refer to my husband Chris, as Mr. Little – and he often calls me as Mrs. Little.  It’s a running joke we have based on the name of our website. 

I strolled accross a message board post on about personalized coffee favors. (Actually the only reason I stumbled upon it was because someone actually posted a link to our website).  The bride-to-be wanted to know if anyone actually gave them out and what they tasted like.

Before I got married, (we didn’t own the store yet) I actually ordered the same personalized coffee favors I now sell!  This is the design we used:

Personalized The Perfect Blend Coffee Favors


We didn’t test the coffee out before we purchased them, but we did get rave reviews from all of our guests who stated how delicioius the blend was (and it was).  My mother in law actually told me around Christmas time that she found an extra pack (shes a bit of a pack rat) in her home and used it (4.5 years after we got married!) and it was still good!!

We also gave out coffee scoops with our favors, which were similar to these:

heart coffee scoop favors

We placed each coffee pack with a scoop inside of a 4″ x 6″ organza bag.  Of course when I got married none of the wedding favors available were offered in pretty packaging like the coffee scoop above.  That’s right ladies, in 2003 there were no personalized tags, pretty packaging or ribbon! Thankfully, wedding favor manufacturers make pretty packaging now :)

So if in doubt about coffee wedding favors, I’d would highly recommend them.   I’ve also used the hot cocoa packs for my son’s baby shower and I the chocolate bars for my son’s 1st birthday party. 

Little Things Favors Expands!

Jan 21, 2008

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce to our customers two of our newest customer & product support staff.  Today, Alecia and Shanicea joined us at Little Things bringing a wealth of customer and product knowledge with them.

Alecia has a background in personalized and custom handmade chocolate favors.  She owned her own chocolate favor business for five years before joining us.  Alecia also has years of experience in both the education and history fields. 

Our product support rep, Shanicea has been acively working in the indie music field with a background in child care.  

We welcome them both to Little Things Favors and hope you will too!

A Note On Ordering Personalized Wedding Favors

Jan 20, 2008

Personalized wedding favors are all the rage right now, so we’d like to take a moment to remind you that personalized favors take time to produce.  If you are considering ordering personalized favors for your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or event, please order at least 3 weeks (if not longer) to allow time for your personalized favors to be printed, shipped to and inspected by you.

We know that planning an event is a stressful time. You booked your caterer, reception location, DJ, florist and all your other vendors months in advance.  You did this to ensure that what you want is there for when you want it.  Personalized favors should be given the same “booking” consideration. 

It’s better to order a few extra “just in case” rather than waiting until the very last minute and getting your final head count before ordering your favors. 

Personalized favors take lead time.  We hire a professional printer to print your items so that you will not be disappointed with the quality!  Personalized items can take up to 3 weeks to print, depending on the item you ordered.  Although some items may be available to “rush”, what if the printer accidently prints in the wrong color, UPS loses the package, or an elephant falls out of the sky and crushes the box damaging the favors? Of course if we had a full lead time (or longer) before your event we could fix a potential problem – but if you order something a week before your event and something happens – there isn’t much we can do.

We don’t want to make you unhappy – we want your event to go off without a hitch!  We’re in the business to make your event memorable!!  But sometimes, stuff happens beyond our control and without adequate time to correct any potential problem, you’ll may be without favors. 

So please, if you are considering personalized favors, give yourself enough time to make sure we can print ‘em and ship them to you before your event!